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"Worst Cover Ever"

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Tue 24/06/08 at 08:19
"I like turtles"
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For the past few years I have always regarded Westlife's appalling version (of the already terrible) 'Seasons In The Sun' as being the worst cover ever.But according to Total Guitar's recent poll they appear to have lost their crown : For those about to suck we despise you!
Thu 11/09/08 at 12:57
"Hellfire Stoker"
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I ended up enduring Fightstar at Reading '06. They were the single biggest pile of crap I ever saw, fronted by some 12 year-old camp semi-chav poser who was trying to be James Hetfield. Only the drummer seemed to have the remotest idea about what he was doing.

And Cradle of Filth have done a dreadful cover of Venom's Black Metal as well.
Wed 20/08/08 at 18:03
"I like turtles"
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Yeah,I like the Dream Theater track too.I thought Metallica's version of Remember Tomorrow was great and Machine Head did a much better job on Hallowed Be Thy Name than they managed on last years Master Of Puppets tribute.Never expected it to anywhere near as good as the original but it's certainly a lot better than when Cradle Of Filth murdered it a couple of years back.Other than that the tracks ranged from totally forgettable to truly dreadful IMO with Run To The Hills and Wasted Years being amongst the worst covers I reckon I've ever heard.I am ashamed to say I have seen both A7X and Fightstar live and thought they were both crap.Actually felt a bit sorry for the guy who used to be in Busted,he was just trying so hard to be 'metal' !.Stuck 3 songs then heard the rest of the set from the bar.
Wed 20/08/08 at 17:26
"Tornado Of Souls"
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Does Kerrang have no shame?

I've listened to a few of those now and most of them seem to be just replicas of the original but with worse, and unfitting vocals. Fightstar's singer doing Fear of the Dark is particularly bad, and the chorus in Ax7 - Flash Of the Blade is embarrassing.

The Dream Theater one is very good though.
Wed 20/08/08 at 07:58
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
After listening to the Kerrang Maiden tribute CD I reckon we have another contender.This is dreadful
Tue 08/07/08 at 07:23
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Have a look at this! (Can't insert direct link,too many characters):

(I'll do it for you Luetchyboy)
Mon 07/07/08 at 22:33
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Luetchyboy wrote:
> Girls Aloud, Sugababes - Walk this way. They should've been
> walked this way, lined up then shot.

With Aerosmith's original being played at suitably high volume in the background. Because everyone knows it's also superior to the version with rappers and without a proper rythym section.

And I remember seeing some crappy group, I think it was Busted, covering The Boys are Back in Town on TV. That wasn't too good either...
Mon 07/07/08 at 21:59
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View to a Kill by Lost Prophets.

I like all their other stuff but this was AWFUL.
Tue 24/06/08 at 14:27
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Girls Aloud, Sugababes - Walk this way. They should've been walked this way, lined up then shot.
Tue 24/06/08 at 14:15
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
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McFly's version of "Don't Stop Me Now" always made me die a little inside...
Tue 24/06/08 at 14:09
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Madonna's cover of American Pie gets my vote

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