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"Official Notable Voting Thread - August"

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Thu 22/08/02 at 09:18
Posts: 787
Most of you have probably already counted up the votes and put two and two together already (do you people never sleep?), but here are the results of the thrilling August Notable Election. And when I say thrilling, I actually just mean thrilling.

First Place - Edgy with 24 votes
Second Place - Stryke with 16 votes
Third Place - Afrojoe with 8 votes
Fourth Place - Mystique with 7 votes
Lucky Loser - Mr Snuggly with 1 vote

So there it is, Edgy is the new forum Notable, joining the elite group of uber-posters, such as Grix, Meka... er.. that one with... the hair... er...

Anyway, congrats Edgy, and well done everyone else who got a vote. Those that didn't, you bunch of losers. You should be ashamed. Edgy, we'll turn your name to the colour of gold, as soon as Andy H gets his breakfast - he won't do anything without his breakfast.

Peace out xxx


Okay, here's the deal. Nice and simple this time, you have to place your vote for the user that you think makes it a worthwile place to visit. There'll be no tactical voting, no waiting til midnight to see how the voting's going and no messing abaht like last time. All users get ONE vote this time. ONE Notable will be voted in.

Newbies cannot vote (see last month for why), so it's only Regulars, Notables and Staff that can finger who they want. Get your vote in before midnight (on the SR clock) and they should all be counted up by tomorrow morning. Please, make it easy for me...

Oh, and keep the chat elsewhere, we only want votes in this thread. Just write:

"I vote for X"

And then scram. Thanks for your co-operation, please don't give me a greater headache than I've already got.
Tue 03/09/02 at 19:20
Posts: 18,775
MoJoJoJo wrote:
(or Mystique will have been
> banned for making rude noises on the forums)
I'll drink to that.
Actually I do have a new joke but I'm still deciding on whether to cause uproar by posting it.
Tue 03/09/02 at 16:21
Posts: 2,085
Dam i was on holiday. Oh well.
Tue 03/09/02 at 15:50
Posts: 23,695
Stryke wrote:
> I hear that :)
> And I swear I e-mailed Snuggly asking him to vote Mystique for me.
> Damn.
> I vote for Mystique.


Hur hur hur.

Because you weren't there to vote Mystique, I came 3rd. Hur hur.

Tue 03/09/02 at 15:10
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
Not like you ever vote any, Rakker
Tue 03/09/02 at 15:06
"Fear my wrath..."
Posts: 2,044
There was a notable election? Whoops.
Tue 03/09/02 at 13:30
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
Stryke wrote:
> I vote for Mystique.


You should email Snuggers now so he remembers. Though you'll probably have changed your mind by next election (or Mystique will have been banned for making rude noises on the forums)
Tue 03/09/02 at 12:17
Posts: 16,548
er-no wrote:

> *goes to foam party*


I hear that :)

And I swear I e-mailed Snuggly asking him to vote Mystique for me. Damn.

I vote for Mystique.
Thu 29/08/02 at 16:23
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
no-one voted for me then?

you people are learning...
Sun 25/08/02 at 20:14
"previously phuzzy."
Posts: 3,487
Well, there's clever ol' me gone and missed the vote.

*whacks head off table*

Damn I'm slow..
Sun 25/08/02 at 15:35
Posts: 21,800
I vote for Rod Hull and Emu

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