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"You have until 10pm tonight to decide for me...."

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Sat 03/08/02 at 21:21
Posts: 787
What DVD do I watch? I can't decide.Just looking at my shelf makes me go bozz eyed.

The one with the most votes is what I shall watch.(Duh)

A Bugs Life
American Pie 2
American Pie- Ultimate Edition
Armageddon – 2 Disc Collectors Edition
Atlantis; The Lost Empire: Deluxe Collectors Edition
Batman Returns
Blink-182: The Urethra Chronicles II: Harder, Faster, Faster, Harder (Region 1)
Buzz Light-Year < Cats and Dogs
Charlie’s Angels
Devil’s Advocate
DIE HARD- Special Edition
Die Hard 2:Die Harder –Special Edition
Die Hard: With a Vengeance- Collectors Edition
Dinosaur: Collectors Edition
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Friends: Series 5,Episodes 1-8
Futurama Season One Box Set- 3 Discs
Galaxy Quest
Ghostbusters II
Great Escape – World Cup Edition
Groundhog Day
Hannibal – Special 3 disc set
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – Wide Screen edition
Hollow Man
Home Alone
Idle Hands
Jewel of the Nile
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park III
Jurassic Park: The Lost World
Lethal Weapon – Directors Cut
Mercury Rising
MI: 2
Mission Impossible
Muppets From Space
Romancing the Stone
Saving Private Ryan
Shawshank Redemption
Silence of the Lambs
Simpsons Film Festival
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Collectors Edition
Spiderman – Ultimate Villain Showdown
Stargate SG-1: Volume 1- The Best of Season One
Stargate SG-1: Volume 17-Season 4 Episodes 13-17
Stargate-Directors Cut
Star Trek The Motion Picture: Directors Edition
Superman Special Edition
Superman II
T2: Ultimate Edition
Tarzan: Collectors Edition
The Green Mile
The Matrix
The Mummy- Ultimate Edition
The Mummy Returns- Special Edition
The Rock
The Very Best of the Muppet Show
The World Is Not Enough
Total Recall
Toy Story 2
Transformers: Heroes (Region 1)
Transformers: Original Series: Volume one
Transformers: The Movie
True Lies
Usual Suspects
Way of the Dragon
What Lies Beneath
What Women Want
X-Men- Collectors Edition

What do I watch? You have 38 min to decide.
Mon 05/08/02 at 00:02
Posts: 461
I know its way past the time an' all but...

Devil’s Advocate
Die Hard: With a Vengeance- Collectors Edition
Idle Hands
Saving Private Ryan
Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
The Matrix
Usual Suspects

this is what i narrowed it down to.

wait, i'll naroow it again...

Saving Private Ryan
Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
The Matrix
Usual Suspects

Thats as far as i can go.

Sun 04/08/02 at 21:00
Posts: 0
Thats hard.........

Honestly, it iz.

Half of them are crap and the other half ain't bad.

I ain't telling you what to watch.......why, need help? Are you dumb?
Sun 04/08/02 at 20:43
Posts: 16,548
Zombie films do rule. Buffy also rules. There are Buffy eps with zombies in, however. But they suck. Two episodes actually, as I recall. The Zeppo and Some Assembly Required. I think Dead Mans Party is zombies too...

I need help.
Sun 04/08/02 at 20:37
Posts: 21,800
Ha ha, oh how easy it is to wind her up.
Sun 04/08/02 at 19:49
Posts: 18,775
I am now going to the pub. Fingers crossed I come back drunk.
Sun 04/08/02 at 19:43
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
You couldn't say zombie films are poop, not without lying

(read - zombie films rule)
Sun 04/08/02 at 19:40
Posts: 18,775
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Says the girl with all the Buffy and Angel Video's.
> If everyone had your taste we'd live in a world where Star Trek and
> Babylon 5 won oscars.
Babylon 5 sucks.
and Shut up, I don't go round saying Zombie films are crap(i think) You have your tastes and I have mine.
Sun 04/08/02 at 19:38
Posts: 21,800
You're right you know, she is amazing, her bodies so flexible, i'd love to see some of the positions she can get into.
Sun 04/08/02 at 19:32
Posts: 13,611
Of course, there's no point in watching it with the sound up. ;)
Sun 04/08/02 at 19:22
Posts: 21,800
You keep telling yourself that, maybe one day it'll come true.

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