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Tue 30/07/02 at 12:09
Posts: 787
Ever heard of Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast?
Ever wanted top of the range graphics and CD/DVD quality sound for THE best Star Wars Jedi game ever produced?
And all that controlled easily using the Gamecube's unique controller? Then your dreams have come true!!

In Winter 2002 Lucas Arts are teaming up with Nintendo's team of game producers to make this brilliant lightsabre enriched game come to your

Oringinally on the PC, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast was a best seller, the graphics could use a little fine tuning but we're not talking about the PC version.

The G-Cube version is going to have more lightsabre moves, many problems have been fixed such as the lightsabre handle/hilt suddenly dissappearing and then reapearing etc. Obviously, there has to be a huge amount of grpahical detail changing, like added shadows and lots more breakable objects.

The Lightsabre battles are also said to be changing as well with the addition of one-handed lightsabre spins, looks good, probaly not effective. The sounds will change a little bit, although they are already good there will be more varied sound effects like different laser noises etc.

The cheats are rumored to be timed cheats (Eg. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark) and are supposed to be very hard. If your wondering what the game box will look like, it is exactly the same as the PC version except with the Gamecube section at the top.

There are also rumors that there will be a few extra levels, not sure about that but it is a nice thought. Also, the lightsabre can also cut through a lot more objects than in the PC version, (poles, tables etc).

But, hopefully, this game will be a massive hit on the G-Cube as it was on the PC.
Tue 06/08/02 at 10:22
Posts: 13
What do you mean by using up my posts and letters? I'm still quite new to forums so I don't have a clue what you mean. Lol
Sat 03/08/02 at 13:57
Posts: 0
You trying to fill all you words and posts up ?
Anyway Jedi Outcast I think is going to be really cool but there are many others too.
Sat 03/08/02 at 13:54
Posts: 13
Batman: Dark Tomorrow
Coming 1/11/2002

This Batman game is based on the original comic.
But it is simply any other Batman game. You play as Batman and take on the greatest villians in Gotham City, you control everything Batman does, from his flying from building to building, to using his utility belt.

The screenshots show that the game is similiar to Spider Man: The Movie game but if you believe me or not, Batman has much better graphics.
This is probaly because the game has been much made by HollyWood's best design firms.
Sat 03/08/02 at 13:45
Posts: 13
Minority Report (Yes, thats right, Minority Report)
Coming 1/11/2002

A soon to be best-seller, Minority Report obviously based on the hit Movie is going to be just as amazing. Using the Gamecube's graphics to bring Tom Cruise to life in the action game, you are to go and save you future in this superb game.

Watching the video clip, the game looks extremely promising, it is a 3rd person game with lots of action and judging from some screen shots the graphics look good. (Video Clips arn't reliable for proper graphics).

The major problem I noticed immeditatly is the troublesome, unable to hide it from the video clip unfortunatly I saw that the camera moves a lot and very easily hampers your ability to play.
Sat 03/08/02 at 13:35
Posts: 13
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Coming 1/9/2002

Includes 45 characters including a hidden 5 charcters.
The levels are fully 3-D which means you can walk around the levels at some degree and sidestep away.

Much like Tekken Tag, you can have multiply allies and oppenents, the graphics are mabye not as good as the PS2 Tekken Tag, but you can expect some brilliant gameplay and enjoyment. A game that I am definetly gonna get!
Sat 03/08/02 at 13:29
Posts: 13
Okay fine, I admit the first 2 I have done are very long. But they are totally original, I spent ages writing them up, and the reason I got so much info on the game is because I looked at screenshots and see what stuff you can do on there.
Wed 31/07/02 at 13:41
"Mole Hole"
Posts: 341

A topic on Star Wars, but the title said that it was going to be abou up coming release dates and games for GC only.

Strange person.
Wed 31/07/02 at 13:37
Posts: 15,681
That last line looks like something I've read in a magazine - but it's not copied off the web - not according to search engines.

Strange title for a topic on Star Wars mind...
Wed 31/07/02 at 10:38
Posts: 23,695

It looks copied, but I can't find it on Google Advanced Search.

I'm sad.
Wed 31/07/02 at 09:50
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603

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