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"Help me find a career"

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Thu 17/04/08 at 00:41
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Ok, right

I'm a maddy as you all should probably know by now. This means I:

- Need time off when in episodes which occur monthly or more
- Need a relatively stress free job to prevent myself from getting worse
- Cannot be in healthcare or any job where I am required 24/7

However I also want to:

- Have a job where I use my mind instead of my body
- Avoid jobs where I have to sell things or talk to customers (talking to people about themselves is fine, just not to sell things)
- Avoid office work, burger flipping, and toilet cleaning.

I'm quite creative at times, I have little motivation and I want my job to be interesting.

Basically I want a high paid respectable job where being a mental won't prevent me from keeping it. I'll have to take time off quite a bit but I need a career to work towards.

Any ideas?
Tue 29/04/08 at 20:12
"you've got a beard"
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if you`ll need time off on a regular basis, i`d say it`s definitely worth looking at being self employed in some capacity.

i`m in a similar boat and luckily my employer are ok with it as it`s not as frequent as yourself and i can also work from home pretty easily at this stage of production, but when i was doing freelance work i had a certain degree of freedom for times when i just couldn`t concentrate on anything so yeah, maybe have a look at freelance work and self employment.

good luck!
Mon 21/04/08 at 19:16
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hey i ahve a job for u just come out to hollywood CALifornia and we will have u aurdition
Sun 20/04/08 at 01:48
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Only if I want it to be
Sat 19/04/08 at 19:34
"all good things..."
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Is it contagious?
Sat 19/04/08 at 18:33
"Feather edged ..."
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gRoZzEr wrote:
> What's a maddy?

A 'maddy is a 'ment' or it was 'basket case' for me - no matter, we're all the same, it depends on what you'd prefer to call us:)
Sat 19/04/08 at 17:57
"all good things..."
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What's a maddy?
Sat 19/04/08 at 16:34
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Fri 18/04/08 at 20:16
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Male Escort . . ?

Mr. Grix Thraves : wolfish good looks - well endowed - guaranteed to fffk with your mind.
Thu 17/04/08 at 22:33
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A maddy? I think ment sounds cooler.
Thu 17/04/08 at 19:03
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YH wrote:
> What about being a self employed photographer? Pick your own
> hours, you can be creative too.

Encouraging criminal activity YH? tut tut

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