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"Msn Messenger"

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Sun 02/06/02 at 10:47
Posts: 787
Another forum,rite down ur email address(msn messenger ppl only)

write down your age,sex and where u live

il start it off

[email protected]

15 male Yorkshite
Mon 03/06/02 at 21:36
Posts: 6,801

[email protected]

Mon 03/06/02 at 20:44
"Long time no see!"
Posts: 8,351
LOL - it does work!
Mon 03/06/02 at 17:42
"Better Than You"
Posts: 5,204
Hes right, it works.
Mon 03/06/02 at 13:38
Posts: 0
It's true, it's true! [email protected] does exist! I didn't notice the first space, my bad ;D
Mon 03/06/02 at 11:52
Posts: 15,681
Lawless Fever wrote:
> Edgy wrote:
> my address is (no joke, try it if you don't believe me)
> miscellaneous18674354 87645413487686465131 (remove
> spaces)
> Hey Edgy, that addy doesn't work. I think perhaps you got a (or
> several :D) character(s) wrong :p
> Off to post my Science .vs. Religion, be right back. Go read it in
> Life damnit! :D

The addy does work, just checked it :)
Sun 02/06/02 at 20:51
"Vote For Pedro"
Posts: 5,679
Hmm I havent won in a while, maybe it's time I start looking for a job at SR
Sun 02/06/02 at 20:45
"round the outside"
Posts: 667
im 14 ,female,oxford

[email protected]

and..umm i dunoo really!
Sun 02/06/02 at 20:33
Posts: 0
[email protected] wrote:
> Lawless Fever wrote:
> [email protected], 21/m/Leicester
> Don't worry, you're secret is safe with me :P

Thanks Brad :p
Sun 02/06/02 at 20:28
"Better Than You"
Posts: 5,204
Lawless Fever wrote:
> Oh, and Ftozzi, your MSN addy doesn't exist, how ironic...:p

I know his e-mail adress.
Sun 02/06/02 at 20:23
"Better Than You"
Posts: 5,204
Your not 15 Fabio your 14.

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