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"Please Help Me as I Have Cheated..."

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Sat 25/05/02 at 18:31
Posts: 787
Much like some people on these forums, I have cheated..

Its not my fault, I couldn't resist...I was so tempted since it was so easy to do, noone could stop me and the journey was thrilling...

Do you blame me? who wouldn't take the chance because of the element of excitement to it..


why you looking at me like that for?

You know you'd do the same and the following didn't even enter my mind:

- Will I get caught
- Will I be hated
- Will I ever be trusted?
- Is this wrong?
- Am I hurting my close ones?

Please forgive me must think im a ruthless person who doesn't give a damn,

I found it so irresistible that I had to find out for myself what it was like to be a cheat..its only been once honest but I loved every minute of it,

you ask will it lead to more cheating on my behalf?

I think it will...

SR please forgive me but..

I personally blame Pro Evo,

he made me do it...Bah what an influence? Shame on you Pro.. :D

Yes everyone, ive cheated on my Beloved Pro Evolution Soccer and loved ever minute of ISS 2, it was so tempting and from the great reviews from Pro Evo I decided to get it 2day

Ive only 'played' her once, just now actually, I looked at my PES copy and she sat there shaking, shivering and looking while I cheated on her and she was helpless all she could do was watch and she couldn't do anything about it, In fact I think, deep down inside her heart she enjoyed the break.. you see ive been playing with her a bit recently..

Honestly thought, I reassured her afterwards.. but what am I to do?

My needs must be fulfilled like the next gamer with different types of games, and she must realise that reality is not the only thing im looking for in a game but the little things in football gaming relationships also matter like:

- Great commentary
- Substitutions are shown when made
- AI is slightly better
- Build up play is Great
- Game Speed can be decreased or Increased
- Refs and Linesman are Shown during Match play

(Please refer to Pro Evo's topic about ISS for further details about the game)

After I had scored...

A hat-trick with Ruud Van Nistlerooy that is :D in ISS 2

I believed I had another geat football game that I can add to my collection on my PS 2 and it ill be a game that I play often..

However I vowed to never leave my beloved PES, she will get equal attention and still has the best assets a gamer would ever want.

Heh :D


Hope you enjoyed the read.

Mon 27/05/02 at 22:20
Posts: 8,818
Lol Devo

Fifa's got the looks, but no body..!

Mon 27/05/02 at 21:10
Posts: 0
Jeez, the Alzheimer's is kickin' in. Stupid bleedin' keyboard.
Mon 27/05/02 at 21:08
Posts: 0
Neo, you're nothing but a tart. Cheating on PES like that. The next thing you know, you'll be on FIFA. Don't be fooled by the looks, they don't last.
Mon 27/05/02 at 21:08
Posts: 0
Neo, you're nothing but a tart. Cheating on PES like that. The next thing you know, you'll be on FIFA. Don't be fooled by the looks, they don't last.
Mon 27/05/02 at 18:30
Posts: 23,218
heh, good post Neo.

i was thinking of checking out ISS2 because i have got the first ISS, but i played on Pro Evo (no not him) and liked it so i will wait for PE2
Sun 26/05/02 at 11:04
Posts: 1,309
Good post Neo.
Sun 26/05/02 at 10:35
"football fanatic"
Posts: 17
great post neo, correct me if i am wrong but i think it is gad quality,
Sun 26/05/02 at 02:44
Posts: 8,818
The Heavens opened and down came a loud voice...

You should get it HHH, good alternative to PES

*Uses evil magic powers to make everyone else buy ISS 2*

Sat 25/05/02 at 22:55
"You Bum!!"
Posts: 3,740
Well Konami as in KCET
Sat 25/05/02 at 22:47
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
Triple_H wrote:
> Tsk...I am disappointed in you Neo. I actually overheard a
> conversation between my copy of Pro Evo and several other copies, and
> I am afraid they are going after you -yes thats right Neo and Dame. I
> would have been very scared if I was you. If Konami find out...its
> Caput

That dont sound right...wont Konami be happy? We just spent £80 on two konami games! :D

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