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"Mail server needs some attention! [[ALL PASSWORDS CHANGED]]"

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Tue 12/02/08 at 17:51
"Are you sure?"
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Hi Freeola,
Could you check out the mail server please?
Normal "ERR Login" type errors.

Thanks in advance...
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Wed 13/02/08 at 12:19
Staff Moderator
"Aargh! Broken..."
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Sending emails via SMTP is restricted via your connection IP address so that only Freeola customers or customers using Email Freedom can send emails via our SMTP servers. It's always worked like this and is the same with many other ISPs. Usernames and password are only required when sending if you are using a non-freeola conection on Email Freedom.
Wed 13/02/08 at 11:18
"Are you sure?"
Posts: 5,000
Might be teaching people to suck eggs but...
Anyone with LOTS of domains will find the "Show All Settings" option in MyFreeola (3rd option up from the bottom on the left) is good news for sorting out your Filezilla FTP accounts etc.

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Wed 13/02/08 at 10:56
Posts: 332
Just to update you...
I'm finding that some people are still able to SEND emails even if they haven't managed to change the password?

I wouldn't have thought that should work???
I've just sorted out my second one that's seen this - both on Freeola ADSL - they can send but not receive using the old password.

I'll have to claim a day's holiday back for this :P
Wed 13/02/08 at 10:42
Staff Moderator
"Aargh! Broken..."
Posts: 1,408
What fund? We've had to hire in extra monkeys:)
Wed 13/02/08 at 07:49
Posts: 332
Thanks for the update - I appreciate Freeola will be busy today (as lots of us are!) but please try to keep half an eye on this forum as it's a good place to keep people abreast with things.

Many Thanks,
PS - Baggsy a cut of the 0871 fund for today :)
Wed 13/02/08 at 07:43
Staff Moderator
"Aargh! Broken..."
Posts: 1,408
When a potential security problem arises it's no good adopting the 'wait and see' approach or trying to inform people first. You have to act fast to minimise any possible damages and try to act in a way that benefits everyone in the long run. It was decided that quick password changes were the best option to take.
I apologies if there are limited posts here from anyone at Freeola today, we're a little busy.
Wed 13/02/08 at 02:07
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what a palaver! had to cancel email forwarding before I could change my email passwords then change them all and then change all the FTP passwords, I understand it had to done - but some warning would have been nice! my phone has been buzzing all night - was it a spur of the moment thing from Freeola? or planned ?
Tue 12/02/08 at 21:58
Staff Moderator
"Aargh! Broken..."
Posts: 1,408
No it doesn't. These are used in a different way and are stored in a completely different location. Unfortunately we had to send an email to every customer so this slowed things down a bit.
This change is a precaution and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused but it is necessary.
Tue 12/02/08 at 20:55
Posts: 332
I'm still trying to 'manage' this.

I see once an account/domain is fixed an email informing of the problem arrives!!! Something not right there.

If ALL passwords have had to be changed doesn't this mean that the MyFreeola password that controls all the FTP/EMAIL passwords also has the same problem?
Tue 12/02/08 at 19:56
"Feather edged ..."
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loki wrote:
> Hi Hmmm,

> We apologise for any inconvenience caused but we have taken this
> action simply as a precaution to enhance security across
> Freeola's services.

For this Freeola have to be congratulated - a precaution that can only benefit us all.

Changed all mine as per list within MyFreeola panel etc etc. Contacted clients and 'gave' them the good news etc etc.

What annoyed me, and this is in support of Hmmm, I only received an advisory email about the changes after I had applied all the changes!

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