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"A Game Within A Game"

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Tue 07/05/02 at 22:17
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A game within a game?

In films and stuff, we're watching the TV right, and sometimes, almost always, you see someone in the film watching TV somewhere along the line. So, its a TV within a TV if you get me.

We're all for realism right?

How realistic a game feels and plays, the objects, the facial expressions, the way characters move, the way their lips move while they talk, the voice overs, the sounds, the way the character drops his shoulder after a shot from a 9mm into the shoulder area.

Realistic games are cool. I love 'em. Now, say, we were in a business complex, with 300 floors and its huge. Die Hard stylee, and you are put in a Rainbow 6 situation and there's a few hostages and the slightest wrong move will send the psychotic terrorist into a mad rage fueled with hate and will pull the trigger at his targets.

On the way round the 1000 offices, there must be a games console SOMEWHERE?! You'd think so would you? Maybe a pc with a copy of Half-Life running that you could resume for a while, maybe a PS2 dotted around? They should definitely have a GameCube around somewhere!! Why? Because I want to see something and say "Cool.." then probably get shot or trip a booby trap or something silly.
There's a point, a console running a game could be a distraction! You press, action or whatever near the controller and you can start playing the game! How cool would that be? Very. Although you would only probably play it for about 10seconds, its something original, new.
There's another point, if a complex was taken over by terrorists, then you'd expect everyone to drop everything and follow the terrorists orders, correct? Well it should be. So why do I not see televisions left on? I have seen TV's in games but those games are so far apart I have better chance of finding gold.

These things are no way necessary but they make the game that little bit more realistic and something to say to your mates, like
"Did you see that GameCube left on with a copy of Super Monkey Ball running on the 199th floor 37878 office?"
"Yeah, that was so cool"

With the disks being so huge now, theres no need for the excuse "But there won't be enough space" its just a case of the developers getting, lazy I suppose. Not putting enough effort into the game. Now, don't you get me wrong, to make a crap game it takes alot of man hours, effort, bloody and sweat and thats only for a crap game. But life in the console/game wars is not easy. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Which means adding some really neat touches to a game.
But, would you rather have a water scene and the water effects are so amazingly done that you couldn't tell them apart from real life, or some really nice touches?
I would and will have both! Being the greedy git that I am. I want a good game, which means the developers putting in good, NEW idea's. After all, I don't shell out 40 for a game that I could have made better at home now do I?!
How about including the consoles as mini games? Or a taster of something, like, the Perfect Dark and Final Fantasy series are very well sort after, so maybe a taster demo left running? Still, it doesn't mean you won't get shot, or worse, killed, does it now? You still have to find the console anyway!!

So why not add some extra touches, I WANT THEM!!

Thanks for reading
Wed 15/05/02 at 19:12
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Donkey Kong 64 had the original DONKEY KONG arcade game with Mario in it. You needed to complete this to get a Golden Banana! That was one of the hardest challenges in the entire game!
Wed 15/05/02 at 18:26
"no longer El Blokey"
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In Shenmue, there's a Saturn in your room. And you can pop down the arcade and actually play the I have no idea WHICH games, but trust me. My heart's in the right place...
Wed 08/05/02 at 19:13
"Want a cd key.."
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Turbonutter wrote:
> Hang on... you like realistic games? And you bought a GameCube? You
> total, utter imbocile.

You dont have a GameCube, you total utter imbocile :o)
Wed 08/05/02 at 16:49
"Back For Good"
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yeah the Final Fantasy games are usually littered with sub games.
Wed 08/05/02 at 10:47
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hmm, well animal crossing on the GC is going to have various NES games built in to it, should be interesting... ;)
slik ~_~
Wed 08/05/02 at 08:41
"Bring back Mullets"
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Final Fantasy 7 had an arcade in the game where you could play a snowboarding game, road rash style game, and a submarine simulation game. This was quite possibly the first game to have games inside and the Snowboard game could probably have been made into a whole new game as it was in my view, much better than other Snowboarding games of the time. Oh, and wouldn't it be hard to put real games like Super Monkey Ball into other games unless the developer happened to be the same one who made Super Monkey Ball, copyrights, royalties etc.
Wed 08/05/02 at 08:00
"Eff, you see, kay?"
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Oh, and:

Metal gear Solid 1, the room with the Ninja and where you meet Otacon, there is a PlayStation on a desk.

Metal Gear Solid 2, there is a PS2 somewhere, but I can't remember where exactly.

Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, you play mini games on a PlayStation.
Wed 08/05/02 at 07:57
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
Hang on... you like realistic games? And you bought a GameCube? You total, utter imbocile.
Tue 07/05/02 at 22:34
"You've upset me"
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Heh, in Animal Forest + (renamed Animal Crossing for Europe now) on your birthday you get sent presents, and you can actually get a NES with a playable game or two. Which is cool.

*Wanders off*

Good post by the way :-)
Tue 07/05/02 at 22:24
"Chavez, just hush.."
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You kinda strayed from the original comment about a game in a game, but some good points.

Now can you read my post? :c( It's feeling lonely!

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