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"How Old Are You?"

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Thu 12/11/15 at 15:00
"And in last place.."
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Don't go digging out that birth certificate to work out how old you are, let this game decide.

How Old Are You?

On my 1st attempt it said I was 40 which is not bad considering I recently turned 41.

I have got it down to 19 after a few more attempts.
Wed 10/02/16 at 13:32
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27 :)
Wed 16/12/15 at 06:18
Posts: 3

That's quite something... haha.
Thu 10/12/15 at 22:08
"Ctrl, Alt, Woof"
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First time it said I wasn't human - then I got a results of 20, 19, 19.
Not bad for 47 I guess. :oD
Thu 10/12/15 at 20:20
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23 :D

I've gone back 7 years! Fantastic
Fri 13/11/15 at 09:23
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DL wrote:
Looks like a 62 yr old is younger than you all ... must be all the FPS gaming I've done over the years ;)

A really fresh, hot cup of tea, and I was 18.

Go Tetley!!
Fri 13/11/15 at 08:38
"I like turtles"
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Apparently I have the reactions of a 19 year old...
Thu 12/11/15 at 19:26
"Feather edged ..."
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Looks like a 62 yr old is younger than you all ... must be all the FPS gaming I've done over the years ;)
Thu 12/11/15 at 17:08
"possibly impossible"
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At first it said it wasn't sure if I was even human, then 29.
Thu 12/11/15 at 16:11
Staff Moderator
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Apparently, I'm 29...

More tea I think.
Thu 12/11/15 at 16:07
Staff Moderator
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I keep telling everyone here that I'm 21, but for some reason...

I think the giveaway is that if I don't get enough tea, I shrivel up like a walnut. Apparently, that's something to do with your age...

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