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"Best Nintendo Game Ever?"

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Sun 13/10/02 at 17:26
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What Do You Think The Best Nintendo Game Is Ever?
Here's Some Examples

Mario Bros 3
Super Metroid
Ocarina Of Time
Mario Sunshine

(One from each main console)
I'll post the results near the end of each day until there is no replies
GB, GBC and GBA results count also but If it's a remake then it goes under the original copy.
I don't know if this is a done and dusted copy but if it is can someone tell me?
Fri 18/10/02 at 19:44
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tap ctrl - sometimes ctrl latches in windows 98
Thu 17/10/02 at 22:12
Posts: 11,038
maddmun wrote:
> i cant typ uch, kybo wont lt, how i stop it
> kys i cant us, know how i stop it?
> qw__tyuiop
> as__ghjkl
> zxcvbn_

hmm... why the hell did i write this?
oh yeah, im gonna ask now, my keyboard messed up, everytime i pushed a different key, it opened up a window or sumtin
eg. r = run window, e = explorer window, f = find window, etc
i know how to stop this but ive forgotten again! how do you revert back to other modes
Thu 17/10/02 at 22:09
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^Anubis^ wrote:
> Golden Sun 1or 2

Thought we were doing Ninty games...
Thu 17/10/02 at 22:06
Posts: 11,038
pretty sure it was SNES
Thu 17/10/02 at 21:39
Posts: 13,611
So what format was Super Smash TV on? Was it by Nintendo?
Thu 17/10/02 at 16:04
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
The Best 64 game was a difficult one, Goldeneye, Zelda, Mario 64 or the Turok series.

On the cube, although there is alot of life in it yet, I think the best examples of gaming masterpieces are Pikmin and Resident Evil.
Thu 17/10/02 at 12:01
Posts: 11,038
i cant typ uch, kybo wont lt, how i stop it
kys i cant us, know how i stop it?

Thu 17/10/02 at 11:33
"aliens exist"
Posts: 507
shame on you, it was 1 in a million!, u were contestants in a futureistic gameshow where u were in sort of a massive arena with different rooms leading off of it, and then one room opened u went in there and u just had to shoot all these robots ppl etc, and then they dropped prizes which u had to pick up whilst still shooting and avoiding getting shot, then when u killed all of the ppl, (and there were normally a couple of waves of attacks) another door opened sometimes 2 and u had to choose which one to go through and theyd lead to different enemies,

sounds a bit dated now, but the gameplay was unbeleivable, i never got tired of it,
Thu 17/10/02 at 00:17
Posts: 13,611
What was Super Smash TV like/about, then?
Wed 16/10/02 at 22:24
Posts: 11,038
my snes is sitting upstairs but i sadly don't have super smash tv (d'ya think edgeemu have it) i know it's illegal to download roms you dont own but if they don't sell it nemore then techniclly they're not losing money right? why should we be deprived, it's what Ninty would want us to do...Is that the cops?
*poos his panties*

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