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"The Importance of Sound"

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Fri 30/11/07 at 13:33
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How important is music in games to you? Does the soundtrack make your gaming experience complete? I personally feel the in game sounds and soundtracks really make each game. For instance could you imagine ever playing a Mario game without some catchy theme playing in the background or that ‘ping’ sound when you get some coins. Sound was so important to older games to give them that extra something where they struggled graphically.

I can think of nothing worse than playing a game without sound, it really hinders your experience. I played battlefield without sound a few times online and I was playing like a turkey! I could see everything that everyone else did but I couldn’t hear shots being fired and within seconds of being re spawned I was killed again. That was no fun and made me realize the importance of sound! I mean it really lets you hear everything you character hears, and takes you a step further into the reality we all crave.

I love the soundtracks to some games, the developers seem to really take pride in sorting out appropriate songs for them. An example being the Tony Hawks series, the music fits in so neatly with the genre of the game and really makes you feel closer to the action. That fast paced rocky feel to these games has been done so well.

One thing I’d love to see is a really great fist person shooter like Call Of Duty 4 mixed with some insanely heavy metal music. The game is based around some of the most darkening and heavy moments that some people have to encounter so a really heavy soundtrack would suit this game. I know having a soundtrack would stray away from the realism they are trying to achieve with game genres now but make having it as an extra option would appeal to some?

I'm really impressed with the new features some of the latest games have in terms of sound. Being able to speak over a headset while playing online! How cool is that, it's just leaps and bounds from the retro world. I think if developers continue with their efforts putting the whole jigsaw together and concentrate on all aspects of putting a game together we could be experiencing some amazing gameplay.
Sat 12/01/08 at 16:49
Posts: 12,425
Chippxero wrote:
> Music works well in GTA and similar games as there is a reason
> for the music being there, although personally i just use my own
> tracks in it as most of the music included in a lot of games
> isn't to my taste.

Oh yus, GTA has done it well with the range of radio stations available and the ability to have your own music instead, caters for all needs. Even just some of the chats on GTA radio were good.
Fri 11/01/08 at 23:36
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Very_Metal wrote:
> i like music based games as well. Rez is excellent and Vib
> Ribbon was very innovative.

Ah yeah forgot about those, even though i am playing through patapon on my PSP.

I just think that in some games, music is completely unneeded and is merely put in to cover the silence. I'm not a fan of music in FPS games, they seem to be trying to work towards realism but assume that the solider of the future will have his mp3 player on loop while the alien hordes are out to kill him when he crashes alone on their home planet.

Music works well in GTA and similar games as there is a reason for the music being there, although personally i just use my own tracks in it as most of the music included in a lot of games isn't to my taste.

There are some times when i hear certain music i think of a game.

Nine inch Nails : With Teeth, makes me think of GTA: San Andreas as i had just got the album and was playing it in the custom radio.

José González : In Our Nature, is the music i used for gold farming in Guild Wars and so i tend to think back to those money making days when ever it comes on the TV or Radio.
Fri 11/01/08 at 22:56
"Got any carrots?"
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im yet to play a game using my own music (hurry up sony), but i think it would add a new dimension to the experience of a game
Fri 11/01/08 at 22:08
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
the music on the original medal of honour was awesome, parts of the music really put you on edge, so much so that you`d take cover and wait for the event you thought was coming.. but nothing would of course. really helped build the tension.

GTA: Vice City used its soundtrack to cement the setting and worked very well i feel.

i like music based games as well. Rez is excellent and Vib Ribbon was very innovative.
Fri 11/01/08 at 17:00
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Zelda's audio is dire, the sudden change every time an enemy is within range or attacking you is just annoying, You're never drawn in to the world in a zelda game by the sound , normally it's by the story and great gameplay.

The sound fxs are often recycled heavily to the point that you don't want to attack/open a chest/do anything due to the same noises coming out over and over. (subtly sounds are the way to go if the game is long)

The only piece of music i like in zelda is the theme and i wouldn't want it all the way through.
Fri 11/01/08 at 15:03
Posts: 12,425
I once put my own music onto my Xbox so I could listen to it whilst making long treks across the land in Oblivion, it really took something away from the game though. I turned it off after the first song. Although maybe it was just something to do with a poor choice of music more than anything... :-P
Fri 11/01/08 at 08:28
Posts: 9,995
Come on man, music builds up the atmosphere. For example, Zeldas music usually either ehances the feeling of adventure or increases the feeling of loneliness making you feel more in touch with the game.
Thu 10/01/08 at 21:55
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
I'm not personally a fan of music in the games i play, i really don't feel it adds anything for me. I am however very critical of audio in games and sound fx. I really believe that it is far more important than a lot of people thing.

Although the graphics of modern games are getting better and better i think that it's the sound that really puts you in the game, graphics are years off looking real, sound can be perfect right now.

If you have a half decent set up you can hear everything that is going on around you, you'll hear an enemy behind you or something creeping around upstairs.

Graphics are important but they are going to stay on screens for a few more years and that will always keep the gamer at a distance.

there are games where i find the sound is a lot less important, this is mostly due to the pov and just the general content of the title. MMORPG's i find don't need great 5.1 sound as you can normally always look anywhere you like. I tend to just chuck on any music i like to play along with and just keep the sound fx from the game on.
Thu 10/01/08 at 09:29
"Got any carrots?"
Posts: 806
the way music was incorporated into the ssx series was done really well. i think they managed to remix the music alongside how well you are playing which is a good idea.
Wed 09/01/08 at 16:45
Posts: 12,425
Halo has a very nice soundtrack. Black is probably one of the best games for sound effects, doesn't really have music playing at the same time as explosions though, don't think you'd be able to hear it! Fable also had quite a nice score of music, quite relaxing at times.

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