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This thread has been linked to the game 'Perfect Dark'.
Sun 20/10/02 at 17:57
Posts: 787
Anyone played the first one

It was great, i can't wait till the new ones out

better graphics and new levels and faster

its gonna be seewt.

i hope its got another cool story too it

anyway if anyone gets any news please tell me !!!
Mon 21/10/02 at 19:11
"For the horde!!!!"
Posts: 3,656
well Timesplitters is looking cool, think i will wast my life on that :)
Mon 21/10/02 at 00:02
Posts: 20,776
perfect dark certainly is one of the best games of all time. I remember many late night sessions on multiplayer, team play against the computer. those damn hard/perfect sims are sly little freaks. never have i shouted so much obscenities at a virtual person.
Sun 20/10/02 at 23:26
Posts: 9,848
Ok, I'll accept that as your opinion, but I'll put out some flaws in your argument:

Goldeneye had flawed levels in the form of Depot and Cradle (especially Cradle with it's awful slowdown).

Perfect Dark's Alien Levels were a bit corny, but for the most part, PD's levels had more depth and complexity than Goldeneye's.

As for the multiplayer.
You didn't like the levels after one play?

Playing an FPS where you haven't a clue where you're going is always fustrating. If you had spend enough time on the levels to get a slight idea of them, they would've grown on you.

I didn't think a lot of many of Goldneye's multiplayer levels the first time I played them.

Anyway, when it comes to Perfect Dark, I own the game and have played it for over 150 hours while you've only played it a few times at your mates house. So my opinion is more valid than yours! :-P
Sun 20/10/02 at 23:06
Posts: 11,875
I can't agree with you on that.

Every level of Goldeneye was superb, the only one not quite at the 'excellant' mark was the Water Caverns.

Perfect Dark had excellant levels as well, but I was un-impressed with quite a few of them.

And the multi-player just wasn't as good, sure there was more stuff but it just didn't have it. I played all the multi-player levels about once with some friends and then went back to Goldeneye, I never played PD again after that.

I just hated the levels, the alien base thing and stuff just sucked, and seemed very small in comparison to some of Goldeneys levels. It seemed mostly comprised of narrow corridors and some very small rooms.

I'm not saying PD was a bad game because it wasn't, of course, but for me Goldeneye was the clear winner.
Sun 20/10/02 at 22:55
Posts: 9,848
Whitestripes wrote:
> Goldeneye was better than PD.

Nope. Just more impressive.
Although Perfect Dark improved on verythng Goldeneye did, it was never going to impress like the first time we saw those guard animations/AI and the first time we tried a splitscreen multiplayer... etc.

> Maybe just because it doesn't seem as special the second time
> around?

That's right. :-)

> Although PD's multi-player did suck.

Are you kidding?

Although it slowed down immensly if you put to many AI sims (although Goldneye would slow down WITHOUT AI simulants...), it was fast and furious and let you customise so many options like style of play, which weapons to use, game objectives, etc...

It would've been even better online.

Yes. the new PD will rock, but you'll have to by an Xbox to play it.
Don't worry. The Xbox's failure is leading to desperate price cuts.
By the time PD2 comes out, you'll be able to pick it up REAL cheap! :-)
Sun 20/10/02 at 19:11
Posts: 11,875
Goldeneye was better than PD.

Maybe just because it doesn't seem as special the second time around?

Although PD's multi-player did suck.
Sun 20/10/02 at 19:04
"Jags is teh l33t"
Posts: 4,074
origional PD was wicked. My fave game on n64. PD2 would have rules on Gamecube and ONLY gamecube. This is mainly as the 'cube is best for FPS whereas the xbox is better for racing. (controller wise)
Sun 20/10/02 at 18:58
Posts: 11,597
Sorry to break the gaming chat.


Hello J Savo.
Sun 20/10/02 at 18:56
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
I personally didnt think perfect dark was as good (gameplay wise) as goldeneye. The graphics and weapons were cool but I rated Goldeneye more highly. PD2 should be worth playing though.
Sun 20/10/02 at 18:54
Posts: 3,863
For some reason SR have not updated their site about it, and really they should never have had it for sale in the first place seeing as it was never announced for the Gamecube!

Plus I think Joanna Dark now looks like a Channel 5 animated porn star in the new X-Box version. It just really puts Rare's high standards down.


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