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"Where there's smoke, there's burning burgers"

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Sat 05/08/06 at 20:02
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Was just making dinner, some grilled burgers. Haven't had burgers for awhile and was getting fed up of Chinese. Got a phonecall from my mum and of course when I went back to the kitchen there's smoke everywhere. Opened it up, even more smoke and my burgers were on fire. I blew them out the fire and god knows why but I stripped naked. lol I think it's because I didn't want to get my clothes all smokey. So there I was naked running around the house opening all the doors and windows trying to clear all the smoke out the house.

Burgers are quite nice if a little burnt :)

Anyone else have any bad experiences in the kitchen?
Sat 12/08/06 at 14:44
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No that was "Neal" but Dringo got busted for it.
Sat 12/08/06 at 08:17
Posts: 19,415
Is he the guy who burnt down a barn? :)
Fri 11/08/06 at 16:00
Posts: 8,220
Has anyone mentioned Dringo yet?

I can't believe it took us all so long.

The old SR has well and truely died :^(
Thu 10/08/06 at 12:55
"the burning sky"
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As a student I'm probably expected to be a rubbish cook, but I've made some really great meals in my kitchen :D Cant really thing of anything going massively wrong.
Mon 07/08/06 at 09:20
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Most of my disasters involve the microwave. I've microwaved quite a few things solid like lasagnas and pizzas after cooking them way too long.
Mon 07/08/06 at 06:56
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My daughter was microwaving a hard-boiled egg and it exploded in 20 secs. It even made a loud pop. I keep thinking embryo and argh..nevermind.

Upon investigation of the gastly mess, I found myself amazed at how the yolk was perfectly strewed and splattered about the interior of the micro, like a science project gone awry.. but, of course, having to clean it up made the phenomenal combustion much less thrilling. Getting egg yolk out of small crevices is just yucky.

So, the moral of the story, don't microwave hard-boiled eggs whole. Cut them first and only nuke for a few seconds at a time.
Sun 06/08/06 at 22:26
"Mooching around"
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Reminds me of Final Destination 2... Y'know, the part with the woman and the computer exploding... Good times.
Sun 06/08/06 at 22:05
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I've experimented with food and made some horrendus concoctions in my time but never had any bad experiences like nearly burning down the house thankfully.

One of my mates however put one of those pies that come in a can in the oven once not realising you have to open it first and it exploded smashing the glass in the oven door.
Sat 05/08/06 at 23:37
Posts: 938

Somehow, cooking in the nude makes everything taste better. :)
Sat 05/08/06 at 21:01
"Blood on my suit"
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I tried to make some toffee once. Unfortunatley it was a new saucepan, and I was the first to use it. The toffee burnt completely and we couldn't use the saucepan again.
I got in twouble.:(

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