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"Your Next Big Thing"

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Thu 15/11/07 at 16:03
Posts: 4,488
There is a good release list in my opinion in the next few weeks coming and just passed: COD4, Mario Galaxy, Assassins Creed, Mario & Sonic, Ratchet & Clank

But i am just wondering what are some of the Titles your most looking forward to in 2008 - I know i can't wait for Devil May Cry, Naruto, Dragon Quest Swords and possibly most of all - Battlefield Bad Company, think it could be a special one, making Online Gaming even better and helping out the Ps3 with sales.

I know each console has some strong titles coming up but im hoping to hear some good points on games to keep my eyes on.
Fri 11/01/08 at 22:58
"Got any carrots?"
Posts: 806
actually im really looking forward to smash bros again, just for the classic music soundtrack
Fri 11/01/08 at 15:08
Posts: 12,425
Can't wait to get my hands on Call of Duty.

Fable 2 might be interesting too.
Thu 10/01/08 at 21:40
Posts: 9,995
Smahs Brothers Brawl - does anything really need to be said?

Mario Kart Wii - Some aspects looked retarded but if the online beats ds then it will definately be killer.

Zack and Wiki - Critically acclaimed with atrocious sales, I'll pick this one up as it's going to be lame until Smash Brothers

Tekken 6 - The idea of whooping your ass in HD is appealing =D
Thu 10/01/08 at 20:13
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Clear Sky - i loved the first game and this one form video previews just looks even better, with my new system i just can't wait.

Left 4 Dead: another great looking Source game, 7 player co-op really appeals and masses of zombies.
Thu 10/01/08 at 20:05
"Got any carrots?"
Posts: 806
next big thing === gta4
Thu 22/11/07 at 17:33
Posts: 18,487
I've spent the last 3 years saying i wouldnt buy another console but i've been feeling tempted recently. Stupid really because i can still go into the shops and not see a single game i'm interested in. Maybe when GTA and Final Fantasy come out i'll start properly considering it.
Thu 22/11/07 at 17:28
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Battlefield Bad Company will be one, Super Smash Bros Brawl another, Wii Fit looks like a laugh, Little Big Planet and GT5 Prologue will be a must on PSN, probably along with Wipeout HD.
Thu 22/11/07 at 14:59
Posts: 18,487
I picked Angel of Death up yesterday along with The Movies for 10. I like thats it's gone back to being a proper point and click game after The Sleeping Dragon which i didnt particularly like. Only problem is it messes up my screen resolution after i play it.
Thu 15/11/07 at 18:09
Posts: 18,487
Excellent. I'll see if i can pick it up.
I'm not sure what i saw in Game. Apparently there arent any other Broken Sword games. Maybe it was an import copy.
There is an independent game coming out online next year. It's a follow on from Broken Sword II i think.
Thu 15/11/07 at 18:06
Posts: 9,629
yeah its quite good, i picked it up for a fiver in Game, well worth the fiver

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