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"So you think you're hot stuff do ya? HUH!?"

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Wed 13/11/02 at 22:59
Posts: 787

I can't post a direct link to it on here for obvious reasons that you'll see when you click the link.
It's under the Special Observe banner.

Post your scores here.
Thu 14/11/02 at 21:32
Posts: 23,695
Yey! 19! Boob-master. :-)

"You are a natural! You win the World Cups!"

Heheheh! :-D
Thu 14/11/02 at 21:29
"Jags is teh l33t"
Posts: 4,074
heh, having pretty much randomly pressed the buttons i though 13 was a good score, *looks at rest of topic* im obviously mistaken :p
Thu 14/11/02 at 21:26
"Jags is teh l33t"
Posts: 4,074
13/20 :p
Thu 14/11/02 at 21:17
Posts: 18,775
Thu 14/11/02 at 17:11
Posts: 18,775
Slaveunit wrote:
> That IS a very nice bass, Mystique!
> Not after a new amp are you, I'm selling my Peavey 200W/BW speaker
> combo...
My brother seems to think so too!
He doesn't need a new amp, he just got one..its errr oh it's not in his room. Hmmmm

Oh and Darkus....

Ooogle away m'dear.
Thu 14/11/02 at 17:09
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
What I want to know is - which pair are Mystique's?
Thu 14/11/02 at 17:03
"One More Chance"
Posts: 6,887
I'm 14 and got 17 out of 20. I got more right than people who have had sex and have seen more than me (not on the TV). I didn't expect that to happen.
Thu 14/11/02 at 15:46
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Thu 14/11/02 at 15:41
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
I gots 19, damm 3 was sure they were real.

Anyway good game.
Thu 14/11/02 at 14:04
Posts: 23,284
Did you know the left breast is always slightly bigger than the right as it's nearer to the heart, more blood etc.


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