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"Sonic Adventure 2, one word......"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Sonic Adventure 2'.
Sat 16/11/02 at 17:03
Posts: 787
BAD, rented it yesterday and it is rubbish. I've only been on the first few levels and it's so boring! I enjoyed No. 1 on the Dreamcast more! Don't get it WASTE OF TIME!
Sat 16/11/02 at 21:31
Posts: 11,597
DW wrote:

Damn. My post has fudged up. Grrr...stupid
Sat 16/11/02 at 21:30
Posts: 11,597
Sat 16/11/02 at 21:22
Posts: 15,681
Sonic Adventure 3, as far as I know, was a mistake of Sega of America's behalf.

They mis-interpreted an announcement by Sega of Japan stating that a Sonic game was in the works for the Nintendo GameCube, the game being Sonic Adventure One.
Sat 16/11/02 at 21:18
Posts: 11,875
I hope the third one is just Sonic.

They've expirmented, and it just doesn't work.

Big The Cat's levels were about as good as his name sounds, and those Tails/Robotnik levels were slow and rather pants. The 'treasure hunting' levels were okay but later on in the game just became tedious and dull (esspecially the space one).

But the Sonic and Shadow levels were brillinant. 20 levels of that and you've got an A grade game.
Sat 16/11/02 at 21:11
"Remember me?"
Posts: 6,124
Sonic Adventure 2 is NOT rubbish. It's way better than the original, which "boasted" hideous lip-sync (yes, even more hiedous that SA2's) and the adventure parts between levels were just boring.

SA2 goes back to the old Mega Drive way of things; namely, consistant levels without any of that wandering around malarky where you either had no clue where you're going, or this glowing ball thing appears and gives you a stupidly obvious clue.

Sorry mate... Sonic Adventure was a fun game, but Sonic Adventure 2 was a drastic improvement. 'Nuff said!

*flies orf (yes, orf... live with it)*
Sat 16/11/02 at 17:21
Posts: 0
Actually i found this game quite fun and amusing i have a copy and it was my favorite release day game for my 'Cube.
Sat 16/11/02 at 17:17
Posts: 15,681
Ah, dead cow, the oracle of gaming. I will not buy this game now you've told me it's rubbish.
Sat 16/11/02 at 17:05
Posts: 6,228


(Loves to shamelessly plug his site)
Sat 16/11/02 at 17:03
Posts: 0
BAD, rented it yesterday and it is rubbish. I've only been on the first few levels and it's so boring! I enjoyed No. 1 on the Dreamcast more! Don't get it WASTE OF TIME!

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