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"I'm cold"

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Wed 02/08/06 at 14:16
Posts: 19,415
What happened to all the nice weather? Where's the sun gone? I thought August was going to be warmer than usual? So far I must say, I'm not impressed :/

You guys must be missing those warm nights waking up at 4am all sweaty and kicking the duvet off you.
Mon 07/08/06 at 18:13
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Well, itīs 30 degrees here and probably wasnīt much below that all night.

I guess thatīs what you get for staying in a hot country though!
Mon 07/08/06 at 13:28
Posts: 19,415
Yes that's true, nice exercise for your body and mind :) quite relax.

Don't suppose you have a river, canal and fields you can escape to like me Smedlos? You're in the city right? :(
Mon 07/08/06 at 13:21
Posts: 10,009
I like a good walk it perks me up if I've had a bad day or am just feeling a bit down.

Helps keep the weight from piling on as well!
Mon 07/08/06 at 13:05
Posts: 19,415
Yes there is a nice breeze at the moment, this is good weather for having a walk in so I might pop out later.

BBC says things aren't going to be as nice in the rest of the week, that's a shame. But then they have been known to be wrong in the past.
Mon 07/08/06 at 12:59
Posts: 10,009
I got a good nights sleep last night for the first time in ages which I needed as I've been constantly tired for the last few weeks.

Not too hot here the suns out and there's a nice breeze as well.
Mon 07/08/06 at 12:50
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Dr Jo wrote:
> And Kawada - we like moaning about the weather. It's
> what we do.

That and moaning about everything else as well :-D
Mon 07/08/06 at 12:42
Posts: 19,415
*unpacks fan and plugs it in again*

Kawada it's too hot now ;D
Fri 04/08/06 at 09:47
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
Apparently You get around 60 colds a year! It's just that most of them do not show many visible symptoms.
Fri 04/08/06 at 09:38
Posts: 46
Don't blame the scientists - the answer is this: the cold is caused by a virus, BUT, you are more sucseptible to the virus if you've been cold and wet. So you would have had a cold anyway, but probably not as badly, just the odd sniffle.

I think they showed this with some study or other recently.

Next time, take an umbrella.

And Kawada - we like moaning about the weather. It's what we do.
Thu 03/08/06 at 17:01
Posts: 8,220
I've got a cold now.

I'm in shock.

I was caught in the (ridiculously heavy) rain twice in the last couple of days. I always though people who claimed that'd give you a cold were dumb. Science tells me it's a virus, and being out in the rain/cold doesn't matter much, unless it's so much as to run you down physically and weaken your immune system.
Which it wasn't for me.

Damn scientist idiots. The old wives with their tales were right all along.

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