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"Name your top 3 games ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Mon 11/03/02 at 18:31
Posts: 787
Whats your top consoles games ever
Tue 12/03/02 at 22:08
Posts: 330
Has to be:

1) FFX (although it isn't released in UK yet)
2) GTA3
3) PSO ver.2

Best Series Ever: Final Fantasy
Best Overall Graphics: Final Fantasy
Best Hit and Run: GTA3
Best Cars: GT3
Best Skateboarding: THPS3
Most anticipated console: GC
Most expensive console: Xbox
Tue 12/03/02 at 21:08
Posts: 0
I rule wrote:
> Hmm
1. Sonic 2 MD
2. Zelda Ocarina N64
3. Mortal kombat 64

old games such as sonic 2 (as you said)are very good even though we have stuff like PS2 I think the old sonics will go down as a gaming legend.
Tue 12/03/02 at 20:29
Posts: 3,348
think of something a little more original than top three games - just adding an EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the end doesnt make it original
Tue 12/03/02 at 18:12
Posts: 6,702
Name your top 3 games ever...

Okey dokey. My current top 3 games are as follows:

1) ever
2) ever
3) ever
Mon 11/03/02 at 20:11
Posts: 0
on no my cloned evil twin brother has posted a message in here
*turns on the codec and asks Octacon for advice*
Mon 11/03/02 at 20:11
Posts: 18,185
1: Mario World (mario Advance 2)
2: Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask (Ocarina of time)
3: Conker's Bad Fur Day
Mon 11/03/02 at 20:09
Posts: 3,082
1. gta3
3.virtua tennis (dc)
Mon 11/03/02 at 20:07
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645

(not in any order)

1. Total Annhilation

2. Ooh, er... Half Life?

3. Max Payne

But Red Alert, Command & Conquer, Monkey Island 2, GTA 1 and SO many others deserve to be somewhere! It's hard narrowing it down
Mon 11/03/02 at 20:05
Posts: 0
1. I hate spammers 1
2. I hate spammers 2
3. I hate spammers 3

There are you happy now?
Mon 11/03/02 at 19:52
Posts: 0
In reverse order...

3.The magnificent, the classic, the Skidsome... Gran Turismo

2.The game that has a main character that can coil himself around you, The metallic, the Solid... Metal Gear Solid!

1. My all time fave, its lycra clad 300 pound men throwing eachother around a ring, its Powerbombing through tables, its the fantastic... SmackDown! 2: Know your role!

The only console I've ever owned is a Playstation so there isn't much choice as I am more of a PC gamer.

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