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"Why did you choose the x-box?"

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Thu 05/12/02 at 15:31
Posts: 787
I chose it because it had better games than the GC. You?
Thu 05/12/02 at 22:47
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
I didn't. It chose me.

Followed me home. Broke my floor. I thought I better play it.

It was quite nice. It now has three consoles on top of it and gets played for Morrowind and thats it.

Quite good I might add.

er-no's best games of the year that you should ALL play (in no order):

1. Golden Sun (GBA)
2. Morrowind (XBOX/PC)
3. Mario Sunshine (GC)

All get. All play them! So worth it for each console.
Thu 05/12/02 at 22:27
Posts: 5,029
My main reason was Oddworld. But for some reason, the Xbox just really appealed to me. I can't quite put my finger on why.

I guess it's because I like PCs a lot and technology. And the Xbox is just such a beast - I like it being this size - it seemed to stand out as the right console for me.

Basically, instinct told me I'd like this console, and I do.
Thu 05/12/02 at 22:26
Posts: 397
Jimmy Duck wrote:
> I chose it because it had better games than the GC. You?

um, i disagree, the Xbox has some good games i agree, but i think there are more GC titles that are better.

Supermonkeyball, Smash Brothers, Mario Party 4, Metroid Prime (not the greatest), Zelda, Star Fox, Animal Crossing and the Resident Evil games

Xbox has Splinter Cell, Unreal Chamionship, Tony Hawks 4 (multiformat), Timesplitters 2 (multiformat though), Halo and maybe a few more
Thu 05/12/02 at 20:58
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Heres my reasons for buying the X-Box...

Excellent games line up with superb launch titles.
Covers practically all gaming routes by having 4 controller ports, system link capability and X-Box Live.
The X-Box Live service.
Hard drive and general potential of the console to do new things with games.
Gorgeous graphics and excellent sound quality.
Microsoft have very deep pockets which means they have the cash to grab top titles when it comes to rivalling the competitors for exclusive rights, etc.

So far, as far as the console goes, I certainly haven't been disappointed and I'm looking forward to 2003 with tons more excellent games on the way. :-)
Thu 05/12/02 at 18:33
Posts: 0
I am choosing it because i need a new console it plays DVD's and the games look awesome also new deals mean great value for money!!

Thu 05/12/02 at 17:58
Posts: 10,364
Loved the look of the games.

Xbox Live
Halo 2
Hard disc

I'm getting a GC soon aswell.
Thu 05/12/02 at 15:31
"I confused?"
Posts: 2,440
I chose it because it had better games than the GC. You?

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