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"I cant be the only one?"

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Mon 09/07/12 at 22:08
"Arguably Arguable"
Posts: 90
I really need some backup on this one and its about TV shows like Jersey Shore and The Only Way Is Essex They are a waste of time and money I honestly could not care less about either one of these shows they annoy me very much and I hope I am not the only one who hates them.
These types of shows get funded, for what!? so we can see a bunch of Geordie's getting drunk and being complete idiots.
Tue 23/07/13 at 10:00
Posts: 10,009
Totally agree - trashy, stupid, irrelevant shows with wannabe stars who'll be lucky if they get invited to the opening of a Coke can in a few years time.
Mon 22/07/13 at 16:59
"Arguably Arguable"
Posts: 90
Been a while since I created this post but thank you for all the feedback :)
Tue 02/10/12 at 15:12
"May contain nuts"
Posts: 102
Yep they are just complete trash.
Tue 02/10/12 at 11:31
Posts: 1
hi everyone
Am berri
Tue 10/07/12 at 14:29
Posts: 1
wow that video was awsome
Tue 10/07/12 at 14:27
Posts: 9,995
They're just modern day freak shows. I'm just here to laugh at them
Tue 10/07/12 at 13:55
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
pete_21 wrote:
Makes me laugh the way that when Jeremy Kyle squares up to the deadbeats on his awful show he shouts his body guards over to retain them.

Or the way he makes himself look smart by bringing idiots onto the show. It's so easy to take the moral highground, to judge and to make a show of people who's lives are already a joke. Can't stand Jeremy Kyle.
Tue 10/07/12 at 12:08
"Arguably Arguable"
Posts: 90
Pete your very right on the Jeremy Kyle thing he cant even defend himself he needs his bodyguards for pretty much everything he does.
and Chris I would have to be honest and say no i would not pull the plug on it even if I hated it because I would be making money out of it.But most of these shows are still terrible.And yes the Office is a good show :D
Tue 10/07/12 at 09:10
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Makes me laugh the way that when Jeremy Kyle squares up to the deadbeats on his awful show he shouts his body guards over to retain them.
Mon 09/07/12 at 23:31
Posts: 18,487
Watching people acting like morons makes other morons feel better by comparison. That is the basic premise behind these shows. Personally the first thing I'm doing after I lead a bloody revolution in this country and install myself as ruler is lining up anyone who watches The Jeremy Kyle Show against a wall and having them shot for being just too dumb to live. Trust me, it'll strengthen the gene pool.

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