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"Merry X-Mas !"

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Wed 25/12/02 at 17:27
Posts: 787
Just a quick post nto say Merry Christmas to you lot - hope you got what you wanted. ;-)

I got 3 new games which I'm chuffed about and I have money for another one too. :-)

I got...
Serious Sam
Colin Mcrae 3
NFL Fever 2003

Anyway, better get back to the family. ;-)
Seeya all again soon. ;-)
Fri 27/12/02 at 02:20
Posts: 3,182
Happy Xmas (kinda)....

What's Big Mutha Truckers like?
Thu 26/12/02 at 18:54
Posts: 0
i just found out that my X Box won't read an audio CD-R but it will read a CD-RW in audio format so i is happy again LOL putting some MP3's on there now.

and Sega GT wow i can't put the damn game down LOL. got my lil clio up to 369bhp now LOL and i won the drag racing event, beat everyone, got a nice chevy and a dodge charger now too hehe.
Thu 26/12/02 at 13:59
Posts: 10,364

I got an Electric Guitar.

Enough Said ;)
Thu 26/12/02 at 12:26
Posts: 245
Happy (late) Christmas.

Got X-Box Live. =)

Gamertag = Olympic Hero
Thu 26/12/02 at 11:17
Posts: 5,029
Thu 26/12/02 at 10:39
"Tag as above"
Posts: 513
Where you getting Mech Assault from?
Thu 26/12/02 at 00:35
Posts: 5,029
I think I've finallised the shortlist of what I will buy.

Mech Assult.............24.99+1.99p&p
Xbox Live...............39.99+3.00P&P
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4.32.99
Red Dwarf series 1......14.99

Total 117.95

Please let me know if there's anything you don't agree with.

Merry Christmas all! Hope you had a good one!
Thu 26/12/02 at 00:08
Posts: 0
Sav got my x box, got the 4 game bundle (we all know the one)

played Halo for a bit but then put Sega GT 2002 in and i was playing it for hours, then had a quick blast of splinter cell then whacked a DVD in on my new sony amp and OMFG DTS soundtrack is the muts genitals.

anyway it's late and my amp is pumping MTV base so gonna see how long i can get away with having it on hehe.

maybe a blast on the x box is needed later too.

hope you had a good xmas sav, give us a ring when you get time ;)
Wed 25/12/02 at 23:08
""To the pub...""
Posts: 350
cheers mate you have helped me make my mind up :)
Wed 25/12/02 at 20:15
Posts: 9,320
WonderSwan wrote:
> mattyboy is it good becasue my birthday is saturday
> and i'm hoping to get another control pad and morrowind and jedi
> knight 2

I would go as far as saying Jedi Knight II is a must have - Its probably the best Star Wars game Ive played since the original!

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