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Wed 15/08/07 at 21:57
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Hello there, i was wondering if any of you partake in any sort of fitness?
Im looking to lose a bit of weight and gain alot of muscle. Im also looking to change my diet, ive tried looking on the net but nothing comes for free. I'd appreciatte any views on how many meals i should take? any products? what kind of exercise i should do and how often?
Thu 16/08/07 at 13:12
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I cycle, do ze press ups when I'm energetic. Weights and sit ups when I'm not. Regularly play football and dance and fight. Eat like ze pig from le blanc lagoon.
Thu 16/08/07 at 01:12
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I knacker myself out doing push ups 4-5 days a week. I've started to incorporate weights into it now as well for the biceps.

It's enough. I eat like a normal guy because I don't care about how I look. I just want to be strong.
Thu 16/08/07 at 00:06
"Picking a winner!"
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You'll want to hit the gym at least 3 times a week - concentrate on the main muscle groups to begin with then work more specific muscles when you get into the kind of shape you are happy with.
Spend about 1hour 30 mins each day if you can spare it at the gym.

Could split your week into something like:
Day 1: Back, Biceps and legs
Day 2: Chest and triceps
Day 3: Shoulders and legs

To build muscle you'll need to be eating plenty of protein - but keep a careful eye on the other food you eat - if you want to lose weight then you'll need to limit what you are eating.
I'd also do some cardio (treadmill/rower etc) at the end of each gym session ad go out walking/jogging on the days you are not at the gym.

Ask the people at the gym about getting an exercise plan made up - they should know more and be able to show you what machines/weights to use for working each muscle group the best.

There is a good forum on the mens fitness magazines website - might get more detailed advice from posting there.
Wed 15/08/07 at 23:43
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Personally, the only 'structured' exercise I take part in on a regular basis is Taekwondo for an hour and a half every week. Having said that, it's pretty good for general cardiovascular fitness and building-up muscle. If possible, enrol yourself in a martial art - you'll get the added bonus of being able to defend yourself, as well as building up a decent cache of possible exercises.

For the bulk of my exercise I tend to do more spontaneous types of things; whether that be a few hours of swimming at the beach or simply deciding to cycle somewhere. The only 'mindless' repetitive sorts of exercise I've really done is running, but that's usually with a destination in mind.

To lose weight through exercise the best method is some form of cardio workout to simply build yourself up to the optimum point where you start to lose weight, and from there you can work out in slots of cardio and body-building (right term?) exercise, to help you lose weight faster and improve general fitness, while starting to convert to muscle.

As for losing weight, it's probably best to try and lose about a stone mainly through diet, as that's the easiest way. After that any weight can easily be turned into muscle, providing you keep eating healthily and regularly do things like weight lifting or press-ups; basically anything that works on the abs and arms.

I've never been on a 'diet' as such, as my metabolism is basically good enough to digest almost anything I eat, together with a decent enough amount of exercise, that I don't put anything on. It's far easier to simply eat healthily, rather than in smaller portions. If, like me, you're not much of a vegetable lover, try things that incorporate them in - such as stews. Fruit's more my thing and I like almost any type; being just as happy to reach for something like an apple or some cherries rather than a bag of crisps. Go in for a lot of fruit wherever you can. Cereals also pretty good, dry, as a snack! Other than that eat more 'white' meat (poultry etc) and fish, rather than 'red' meat. You'll need carbs to put on muscle, but they're best taken from things like brown bread and potatoes without butter.
Wed 15/08/07 at 22:31
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Thanks alot you opened my eyes a bit there.

Emm, im a big guy, 6ft 3 quite 15 stone, im looking to lose a bit of weight preferably a stone, and put it back on to muscle, any tips for what to eat and how to build myself back up?
Wed 15/08/07 at 22:08
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Here's what I posted in another thread...

I've done lots of running, I've always been in the cross country teams, although the most I've run was about 8 miles. My advice would be great yourself a PEP (personal exercise plan), stick to it, and eat healthily! (Sounds obvious, but it really does make a difference)

As for anyone partaking in exercise, the forum pinata and everybodys favourite staffie Vexxxed and a colleague of his will be participating in next years London Marathon.

Besides making an exercise plan (I might have one somewhere, I did it for my PE GCSE), you could try going to the gym. I would however highly recommend making a PEP, because sticking to a routine is a great way to get fitter.

As for food, stick to Carbohydrates, they give you lots of energy, you could even try carbo-loading if you plan on doing some running (Stuffing yourself with Carbohydrates the night before an event, lots of athletes do it). Pasta is a great thing to have, as well as obvious things like fruit, vegetables etc... Another thing people have is protein drinks.

If you're going to do running, I can't stress how much easier it is if you have an Ipod, I find myself able to exercise for a lot longer and it's a lot less tedious listening to some Babyshambles while you're exercising!

Okay, I had some of my PEP on my USB stick. Here are some ways of improving your health related fitness, and your skill related fitness. I think you were more after health realted fitness, so ignore the ones like Balance.

- Cardiovascular fitness (E.g. Bleep Test)
- Muscular endurance (Abdominal curls)
- Balance (Tilt walker)
- Reaction time (Metre drop)
- Co-Ordination (Catching ball)
- Strength (Dynamometer)
- Flexibility (Sit and reach)
- Speed (100m Sprint)
- Agility (Station run)
- Body Composition (Skin fold)
- Power (Jump)

There are five types of training you can do...

Fartlek: A Swedish method of training, involving running at different speeds on different terrains.

Circuit: A Training method designed to improve all physical attributes, includes shuttle run, press ups, sit ups etc, Could be used by most athletes.

Weights: This method of training is used to improve athletes strength and body composition, could also be used by people wanting to improve their cardiovascular endurance.

Continuous: Training that takes place over a long period of time. This form of training could be used by marathon or long distance runners.

Interval: Training which has resting periods in between. Used by people whose sports have intervals, such as a goalkeeper playing football.

I might be able to help you more if you could tell me which one of those would be most relevant for you and which one you would be interested in. By the way, measuring your resting heart rate (Your heart rate before you exercise) and your working heart rate (your heart rate after you've exercised) every time you plan on exercising is a good idea, it allows you to see what progress you've made. To work out your maximum heart rate, minus your age from 220 (e.g. i'm 16, so my macximum heart rate is 204).

After each time you exercise, you want to get as close to your maximum heart rate is possible. Your resting heart rate, which you take prior to exercise, should decrease the more you exercise. Mine is 78, which is pretty good. To work that out, find your pulse and count how man beats there are in a minute.

Hope that helps!
Wed 15/08/07 at 21:57
Posts: 8
Hello there, i was wondering if any of you partake in any sort of fitness?
Im looking to lose a bit of weight and gain alot of muscle. Im also looking to change my diet, ive tried looking on the net but nothing comes for free. I'd appreciatte any views on how many meals i should take? any products? what kind of exercise i should do and how often?

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