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Wed 08/01/03 at 19:10
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Nintendo may have revealed the Gameboy Advance SP yesterday, but they had hoped to keep another GBA under wraps for the time being. I, however, have seen this latest machine, and I have to blow their cover on this sick new console.

The GBA RP, that's Rhino Project, looks like a GBA SP increased in size dramatically, and implanted into a pair of mating rhino. It is thought that it will appeal to those that find the GBA too small, but it does remain a portable console, as the rhino will roam freely whilst you play. In fact, it's quite possible that the rhinos will separate, so you could be hammering away at the buttons on the female rhino, only to find that the screen on the male has disappeared from site. I asked the project manager, Inga Gadadavida whether this was a design fault.

"Well, there are less than 18000 rhinos left on the planet, we couldn't really afford to experiment on them a great deal. We do feel that this adds an extra element into gameplay though, as you will not only be playing the best of Nintendo's handheld games, you'll be constantly playing hide and seek with your rhinos!"

With rhinos being an endangered species, it is thought that the GBA RP will be a limited time release, as demand could easily exceed supply. As such the price of the console will be astronomical, possibly as high as a billion-squillion Euros (10000).

Rumours that you have to shove the cartridges up the rhinos bottom are as yet unconfirmed.

Whilst this news may shock gamers, industry insiders are not surprised, and believe that Nintendo's competitors have similar plans. A source who wished to remain unnamed, said "I spoke in great length to Bart Reynolds, he works for Sony, and he told me that he had seen the testing rooms in which Playstation 2 consoles were fitted into the under bellies of pigs, with screens in the backs of their heads. School children would be the target audience, as it was thought that they could ride the pigs to school, and play games on the way."

It has been alleged that Microsoft are breeding owls for an Xbox project, but former Radio 1 DJ and Watchdog host Nicky Cambell declined to comment on the matter.
Wed 08/01/03 at 21:29
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Damn you and your FM and Rickoss GAD beating ways...
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:43
"bit of a brain"
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No box socials
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:42
"+ suspicious minds"
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ho ho.

'declined to comment'
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:34
"Comfortably Numb"
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; )
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:32
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Wed 08/01/03 at 20:31
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Meka Dragon wrote:
> Rumours that you have to shove the cartridges up the rhinos bottom are
> as yet unconfirmed.




Brilliant stuff!
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:26
"Comfortably Numb"
Posts: 5,591
Only those with the name The Madman.
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:25
"Max Power"
Posts: 2,196
10000 for a rhino! and you can shove things in its bottom!! now thats something people will be doing everyday.
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:18
"Comfortably Numb"
Posts: 5,591
lol, will anyone get it, though, the GBA has basically been bought by everyone who would buy that kind of thing.
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:18
"Remember me?"
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LOL! Ingenius!

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