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"This new Gameboy.."

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Wed 08/01/03 at 20:24
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Is it an upgrade or just a fancy new look?
Thu 09/01/03 at 10:05
Posts: 23,695
Judah Ben-Hur wrote:
> Maybe this was why you didn't add me when I attempted to add you on MSN.


You've added me?
Thu 09/01/03 at 10:03
Posts: 3,307
indeed *rolls eyes*

slik ~_~
Thu 09/01/03 at 09:49
Posts: 8,818
Thu 09/01/03 at 09:35
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089

Nintendo Bloke "Release console"
Public "It's crap"
Nintendo Fans "No it's not! Waaah Waaah Waaah!"
Public "The games are simplistic and over-priced"
Nintendo Fans "No they're not! Waaah waah waah!"
Nintendo Bloke "Sales are falling outside of Japan. Why?"
Nintendo Marketing "Perhaps because we ignore Europe?"
Public "Told you so"
Nintendo Fans "No they don't! Waah waah waah!"
Nintendo Bloke "Release console in different colours!"
Public "We're not stupid"
Nintendo Fans "Oooo! Pretty colours! Buy buy buy!"
Nintendo Marketing "Let's release the same thing, but silver looking"
Public "Look, we're not stupid enough to fall for your tricks"
Nintendo Fans "Ooo! New GBA that does nothing different from the other one!"
Nintendo Bloke "Stupidasses"

And that's *exactly* how it happened
Thu 09/01/03 at 09:10
"Back from the dead!"
Posts: 4,615
What new gameboy?

(tries to hide ignorance...)

Thu 09/01/03 at 00:43
Posts: 16,558
I sold my GBA.... gonna buy more GC and PC games than GBA games..
Thu 09/01/03 at 00:40
"Kill all Hippies"
Posts: 437
Or†ega wrote:
> £79.99 from

Will buying it from Play mean that some cretin turns up at your door and presents you with a bill from the C+E?

Play are OK for things that don't cost more than around £18 but anything over that may mean you have to pay import tax, or something....
Wed 08/01/03 at 22:54
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†Kerrang† wrote:
I'm guessing £89.99

£79.99 from

which is nice
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:45
"bit of a brain"
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This sounds like a case for moonboot freddy the winged baptosaurus.
He comes from Denmark and eats sandwiches with only one slice of bread in them!
Wed 08/01/03 at 20:42
"Ghost Mutt"
Posts: 1,326
AfroJoe wrote:
> J-42 wrote:
> I think it looks good, but it's just like a phone, which isn't so
> good.
> ---
> Yup.
> "Gis yer phone or all slash ye!"

Is it just me or has AJ resorted to spamming by replying qoting messages and repeating things said by better notables. I have figured out your evil plan. Maybe this was why you didn't add me when I attempted to add you on MSN.

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