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"The Non-winners club"

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Fri 10/08/07 at 16:27
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Hereīs an idea for a club people will want to fast lose their membership to. For all of us that have never won Bingo and those that havenīt yet won a GAD - The non winners club (or NOW club, if you prefer)

Ranking works like this;
Top places will go to those who havenīt won GAD or Bingo and will be allocated depending on length of time here.
Next will be those who never won GAD, but won Bingo
Then those that have never won Bingo but have won GAD.

So who wants to be a member of the NOW club?

(non) Winners list:

Timmargh 0 0
Chaos 0 0
Revolver Ocelot 0 0
Bob_The_Moose 0 2
Cong Man 1 0
Vampyr 1 0
Twain 2 0
Alfonse 2 0
Sunflower 2 0
Chr1s 5 0
Sun 19/08/07 at 15:47
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
That's it, cretins. Glorify your insufficiency. Bask in your mundane obscurity.

Sun 19/08/07 at 08:13
Posts: 1,014
I must join NOW never won a gameaday and never ever won bingo,,
Tue 14/08/07 at 15:01
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
Is it just me that finds the situation ironic? the greatest winner becomes leader of the non winners club? I mean, what the hell?
Tue 14/08/07 at 12:37
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
14 Gameaday wins, but no Bingo victories, am I eligible? :)
Tue 14/08/07 at 08:15
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Timmargh wrote:
> I demand to be top of the list!!1! I'm the oldest non-winnah
> here!!!!11!1

That was an error in our computer system.

Hey, if the excuse works for the gas companies...
Mon 13/08/07 at 17:37
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
1 GAD. Viewtiful Joe for the cube.
best money i never spent.
Mon 13/08/07 at 17:01
Posts: 5,659
Blast, I thought I held that accolade!

I've never played Bingo though. I'm not a pensioner ;)
Mon 13/08/07 at 16:24
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
I demand to be top of the list!!1! I'm the oldest non-winnah here!!!!11!1
Mon 13/08/07 at 16:15
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985

hm. Guess I have to use code to space out the table, though...
Mon 13/08/07 at 13:26
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Pathetic Chrissybabes :P

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