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"Reservident Evil - Sign Up"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Resident Evil'.
Fri 24/01/03 at 19:06
Posts: 787
I know you are all secretly missing my spoofs (yeah right!) but I have a good idea for one. As if the title wasn't a hint enough, it will be a resident evil themed spoof with some of you folks in it. I need the following characters. Its not 1st come 1st served because I dont like you all

The characters are...

Chris Redfield:
Jill Valentine:
Barry Doesnthavealastname:
Wesker Seeabove:
Scientist 1:
Scientist 2:
Lisa Trevor (Mutant):
Zombies, lots of em:

Place bets....Now!!!!!!!(Oh wait, thats Banzai, damn)
Sun 26/01/03 at 14:18
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
It'll be ready within the next 15 mins!!!!
Sun 26/01/03 at 13:11
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
eww, dude!
Sun 26/01/03 at 12:57
Posts: 7,741
Yay. *chews feet in anticipation*
Sun 26/01/03 at 12:53
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
I just watched Resident Evil on video for inspiration :-)

This should be ready for late this afternoon or this evening.
Sat 25/01/03 at 23:09
Posts: 7,741
pumba wrote:
> ill be tyrant

oh no you wont, child. For I am the Tphirant!

*chews Pumba to death*
Squeal Piggy! Squeal!
Sat 25/01/03 at 22:51
Posts: 4,686
pumba wrote:
> ill be tyrant

To coin a particular Alan Partridge phrase - "YOU CAN'T!!" Because Tphi is already.
Sat 25/01/03 at 22:34
Posts: 1,317
ill be tyrant
Sat 25/01/03 at 22:27
"Link to the Future"
Posts: 719
That better not be me.... But if there are no other characters left I'm sure it'll be OK.
Sat 25/01/03 at 20:08
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
Rapid -im just coming to your bit, you wont be in for too long because having too many main characters strays from the plot.

I have a manc already.
Sat 25/01/03 at 20:06
"5 European Cups!!!"
Posts: 5,795
Absolu† Neó wrote:

got anymore characters left KY22?

if so i'll be in it.

Yea, I agree with Neo. You've got to have a Manc in it; otherwise known as: "The butt of all jokes".


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