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"diamond and pearl hints and tips"

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Tue 31/07/07 at 11:39
"the god farther"
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iv completed both games and no pretty much everything bout these games so send ur messages and il try to reply asap e.g. need help training find rare pokemon e.g. rotom or the new evolutions of eeve i got both so send messages
Sun 04/01/09 at 01:34
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Mon 20/10/08 at 21:59
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Akshuly u fynd Rotom in old chataue in the eterna forest.U hit tha tv and e coms awt atlvl 15
Wed 06/08/08 at 22:51
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To get darkrai

You have to have an action replay and you have to go to fullmoon island and you go to the right and then i think up after that, you'll see what i'm talking about

P.S. you have to have the go anywhere code to do it

-That's pretty much it

for (rhys pokemon adicted)
Tue 03/06/08 at 15:43
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how do you get oaks letter/arceyus flute and a member pass? pleace help me. from regigigas
Thu 24/04/08 at 20:30
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to get the secret potion go to lake valor near there will be cynthia say yes to her question and she will give you the secret potion.
Thu 10/04/08 at 22:49
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could you please help me.

on route 213 i think it need to help the girl find the room key (near the hotel). how are you suppose to pick it up?

also where do u find cynthia to obtain the secret potion (to give to the pysducks)

could you respond to [email protected] please.
Wed 09/04/08 at 00:43
Posts: 8
how do you get darkra
Wed 09/04/08 at 00:42
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i know pretty much evry thing about dimond even how to get froslass a ledgendery just ask me
Wed 09/04/08 at 00:40
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no you cant get get palkia on dimond enless you trade
Wed 09/04/08 at 00:38
Posts: 8
you find rotom at friday night about after 8:00 i got him

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