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"resident evil is the best"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Resident Evil'.
Sun 02/02/03 at 16:27
Posts: 787
this is a game that will blow you away litrealy when the first time you turn it on the ghraphics amazes you striat away when youre in the game the first zombie you see scares the crap out of you with its arm out like when i was in the shops looking for it and it absolutley amazed when you could stab the zoimbies in the back of the head with a shiney dagger also if they are on the floor bitting you ankles you can stomp on there heads and they automaticly die the only thing that i dont like is when you use up most of youre bullets trying to stay alive.

the bit that realy scared me was when was walking through a hallway and a zombie dog jumped through the window.

The reasons to buy it are the graphics the game play the longetivety and for a scare plus this was great when i found it because it was only 12.99
Tue 04/02/03 at 14:37
Posts: 21,800
That's Clanger too you young man.
Tue 04/02/03 at 13:09
Posts: 76
Me from Dorset UK. Dark Side of the moon eh? Bloody numpty!
Tue 04/02/03 at 13:07
Posts: 223
I know where Tiltawhirl lives!!!!! :D
Tue 04/02/03 at 13:06
Posts: 21,800
I'm from the Dark Side of the moon.

Turn left at the milkway, keep going until you get to Button Moon then take the first on your left.
Tue 04/02/03 at 13:02
Posts: 76
hey! Where are you people from!
Tue 04/02/03 at 13:00
Posts: 223
Nivag wrote:
> mmm me Mongo, me like Candy!!!

Not mongo. Just mong. ;)
Tue 04/02/03 at 12:57
Posts: 76
unga bunga

mmm me Mongo, me like Candy!!!

Tue 04/02/03 at 11:55
Posts: 21,800
Your old skool?

Iz you down with da old skool homeboy?

Never reliased you where a rapper Sniper?
Mon 03/02/03 at 22:21
Posts: 16,558
hmmmm i heard this person name before from my old skool....
Mon 03/02/03 at 21:54
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I've unlocked two costumes each, Real Survival mode, Invisible enemy mode, the Saumrai Edge....and a grenade zombie....that is apparently very nasty.

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