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"Baldurs Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast"

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Tue 04/02/03 at 22:18
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People checking the GAD3 claim list will see i have this game coming to me very shortly, Fantasy Meister mentioned it, a friend said Baldur's Gate is one of the bets game he has ever played and so with no othe rgame to claim i got it.
Have any of you got this game, or any other of the Baldurs Gate?
Well if you have this one, could you answe me these questions please?
- What is the base plot
- Can you create your own characters?
- How long is it?
- How hard is it?
- Is it good?

If the answer to the last question is no, then my friend will b ein the [email protected]

thanks to those who help!
Mon 10/02/03 at 12:59
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Marc2003 wrote:

> - How long is it?
> - How hard is it?
> - Is it good?

Mon 10/02/03 at 12:58
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200 Page manual?

That's not a game, it's more like homework.
Mon 10/02/03 at 11:38
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Mine arrived today (yippee!)
Complete with a 200 page set of manuals on CD3 :(

So in about 10 cups of coffee time I'll be playing.
Sat 08/02/03 at 10:01
"$hit happens"
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i think it is coming on Monday :( i wanted it to play over the weekend, but i aint sure if the post has come yet, hope not
*fingers crossed*
Sat 08/02/03 at 09:14
"$hit happens"
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They had my claim up on monday and i have still not recieved it but i am hoping it will come in the post today, if not i reckon mondy will be the day, i just really want to play it now!
Fri 07/02/03 at 18:09
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Marc2003 wrote:
> Hopefully it should be here tomorow!

There yet? I ordered mine yesterday so I reckon I'll be playing it sometime next week.
Thu 06/02/03 at 18:53
"$hit happens"
Posts: 756
well thanks to all of you, except maybe Tilta. Hopefully it should be here tomorow!
I got my RC car today and was praying that the game had come too, i was disappointed but the car is cool.
Tue 04/02/03 at 22:57
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Tiltawhirl wrote:
> If you like geeky turn based combat beard-fests then you'll probably
> like this.

It's real time!

Anyway, kill if you must, just get this game, it's great.

*strokes beard*
Tue 04/02/03 at 22:42
"Peace Respect Punk"
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You need the original to play the expansion... but isn't this the package that includes both the original and the expansion...? I didn't think they sold them seperately anymore...?

Anyhoo. You CAN create your own character (the main character) though the other 5 in your group you cannot create and you pick from a wide selection of people you meet on your journey. You can however create all your own characters by doing something like creating a multiplayer game with only you playing... but it's much better with the characters in game...

The game is very good if you get into it (when I first started I found it a bit dull, but once you get further into it and understand the game it;s very good!) and it is extremely long. 60 hours+ I'd say, and that's just the main quest. There are literally hundreds of side quests. And I have been motivated to play through the game many times as the game can be very different depending on the companions you choose, your alignment (evil/neutral/good) and what class of character you play as.

I found this game to be one of the most played on my PC. Hope you enjoy it.
Tue 04/02/03 at 22:40
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Marc2003 wrote:
> Oh and is this an expansion pack? Do you need the original?

You're better off asking your questions in the PC Gaming forum as there's a lot of RPG PC gamers there who can tell you all about it.

The one you're getting from SR should have Baldur's Gate AND Sword Coast expansion all included (BG is 5 CDs, Sword Coast is 1 CD).

The other questions that I can answer are:

Story: Your guardian is killed and you're out for revenge and to find out why it happened, the whole plot revolves and expands on this in Baldur's Gate, Sword Coast just adds four new areas to explore and more quests, and only pushes the story a little further.

Length: 50hrs to 1yr, depends on your coffee intake requirements.

You can create your own character, and there are a lot of options for doing so, so there's a lot of freedom in customisation.

As for how hard and how good, I've heard it's Medium to Advanced RPG (e.g. harder than Final Fantasy, easier than PlaneScape - Torment). Game of the year 1998, it can't be THAT bad :)

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