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"Please Read"

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Sun 13/01/02 at 17:09
Posts: 787
Hello everyone, please take 5 minutes to listen to what I have to say.

1stly in regard to 'Salevaa'.

He has finally admitted that he was Shaneo & Firebalt - I don't remember these users anyway, but he has cheated in the past to win games through reviews.

This is of course very very bad, but so are Steps, and they're not here anymore. Mark, who is now Shaun, is here with us today, and here's what I think.

Shaun/Salevaa didn't want people to know who he was, because he knew he'd get abuse, and perhaps that abuse would be justified in some sense. So he tried to get away with being someone else, a fresh start, and straight away he's won gameaday.

I must apologise to RBS, because I didn't believe him from the start, I guess I had too much belief that this guy was innocent.

>Get on with it Dan<

Ok, right - he has returned and won many games already, he's obviously interested in gaming, he's only 13 - and he's deceived a fair few of us, including me.

The facts:

He's a great poster. You've seen some of the posts he's written, they're very good and he's won a lot of prizes too.

He's only 13 - he's only young, and I am sure he has learned from his mistake, we all know how bad pressure can be.

He's spoken to me on numerous occasions on MSN, and he's a nice person in general. I had my doubts that his sincerity was real when he didn't know how many GCSE's he'd taken, and that he'd only learned past, perfect and present tense in French AS...and that his French wasn't very intellectual to say the least. Oh and nobody can take a trip to the WC in 18 seconds (prove me wrong at your own embarassment!!).

He told me he was very annoyed at all the pressure of everyone saying "You're Shaneo" and I felt sorry for him, I even told him to email SR to resolve the situation, because false accusations can be such an awful thing.

But he wasn't falsely accused was he.

Ok, so he's cheated, he's clearly learned his lesson, so who really cares - if he can bring in decent topics and conversation, without cheating then that's excellent and I'm happy to read what he writes.

I don't feel ashamed of being tricked by him, yes there's always a slight doubt in the back of your mind, depending on who you are, but there you go.

Don't lie to me again Salevaa - keep up the top posts.

Thanks for your time,


Sun 13/01/02 at 20:11
Posts: 0
He didn't start a thread about my opinions.
Sun 13/01/02 at 20:08
"++ Anti Antler ++"
Posts: 567
I thought Shaneo/Firebalt/Saleeva started a thread named truth about this...
Sun 13/01/02 at 19:52
Posts: 0
Fine Thanks
Sun 13/01/02 at 19:51
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
As long as lessons have been learnt, I don't care.

I still don't know what Lamarkian Evolution theory is though, any chance you could enlighten us? ;-)
Sun 13/01/02 at 19:40
Posts: 5,448
OOOOO... It's Shaneo! Woo hoo...

But I still wanna know where Soup Dragon went... one day he just stoppped posting... well, that was about 18 months back, but hey!

Sun 13/01/02 at 19:33
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
I always suspected that you were Shaneo, but since I never asked, you never lied to me.

'Nuff said...I think.
Sun 13/01/02 at 18:13
Posts: 16,548
er-no wrote:

Shame on you
> for lying. To me and Chris.

Hey! It was me who convinced Chris it was Shaun in the first place. I demand some recognition, god damn you. :-D
Sun 13/01/02 at 18:12
"Sally On Weekdays!"
Posts: 378
½pint wrote:
> I think that Shaneo may have been un-banned. On the all time top 100, it no
> longer says user-banned by his name, and you can access his stats.

Shaneo was never actually banned - you must be thinking of Firebalt.
Sun 13/01/02 at 17:54
Posts: 3,110
I think that Shaneo may have been un-banned. On the all time top 100, it no longer says user-banned by his name, and you can access his stats.
Sun 13/01/02 at 17:47
Posts: 3,110
auf deutsch wrote:
> here, have some sheers for the hair!


If you want to make a witty ripost, you might as well spell it correctly. Its SHEARS not sheers.

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