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"The Schizo Squad"

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Sun 13/01/02 at 16:25
Posts: 787
I thought that it could be quite the chuckle if I began a story soon of my 5 identities (Shaneo, Salevaa, Scythian Witch Harpy, Sheet and Firebalt) and we could be a band of schizophrenics who can have some sort of angle, such as saving the world or something. Of course, I wouldn't start it for a while yet, at least until the story-writing competition is over, so that there is no confusion, but I think it could be quite the laugh.

Feel free to leave your own ideas, but please - only sensible suggestions.

Mon 14/01/02 at 10:09
Posts: 16,548
Yes sir, Alan sir.
Mon 14/01/02 at 10:07
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Hmm no idea but how long before he is found out again? Be on the look out for JAT's. Oh and stryke WLT please.
Mon 14/01/02 at 10:04
Posts: 16,548
Well, Snuggly's banned him, so farewell Shaun...again. Wonder what his next nick will be?
Mon 14/01/02 at 09:58
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
This is true.
And I only asked if it was the same bloke.
Becaues he claimed to be and I'm a trusting fool.

Now I think you're all my boss.
Hello Boss, my job is dull and I steal pens
Mon 14/01/02 at 09:56
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Snuggly has posted in Prime saying Salevaa is not Shaneo/firebalt etc

What is going on? Something fishy??
Mon 14/01/02 at 09:43
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089

So someone here will check all his reviews for copying then, seeing as he *might* do it again?
Mon 14/01/02 at 09:40
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Goatboy wrote:
> Isn't this the guy that keeps getting banned for copying?

Yep he is indeed.
Mon 14/01/02 at 09:38
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Isn't this the guy that keeps getting banned for copying?
Mon 14/01/02 at 09:32
Posts: 16,548
Instead of moaning, you could try and post some quality material and see if you also win?
Mon 14/01/02 at 08:44
Posts: 10,759
Salevaa wrote:
> Kid Rock wrote:
> Salevaa wrote:
my 5 identities (Shaneo, Salevaa, Scythian
> Witch Harpy, Sheet
> and Firebalt)

how many GADs have you won all
> together?

I am sad to say:

Shaneo - 5
Scythian Witch Harpy - 1
Sheet -
> 1
Firebalt - 2
Salevaa - 3

I am sorry for messing SR about, and I hope that
> I can stick with this alias, not get banned and just write some quality posts.
> Thanks for bearing with me!

F***ing unfair!!!

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