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"RPG Maker 2000-if u like making games, read."

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Sat 08/02/03 at 09:23
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I found this site
where there is a programme called RPGmaker 2000, it is meant to be easy to make an rpg this way, just point and clicking, but i can not seem to find the place where i can download it :(
if any of you have this and kow where i can get it, please please tell me!
Tue 11/02/03 at 22:27
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Ummm, i knew about this 2 years ago
It's quite limited with what you can do though
Tue 11/02/03 at 17:01
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go to mate, the rpgtk2 is unbelievable
Sat 08/02/03 at 21:49
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Hmm, theres a link for it. Maybe the PC version wasnt sold like the PLaystation version then. Either that or that sites breaking the law and seeing that its hosting roms I wouldnt be surprised :)
Sat 08/02/03 at 21:47
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Few weird comments:

YABASIC is a programming language that you can program on your Ps2. As far as I know it has little support and is, well, Basic which isnt surprising seeing as its just basic but simplified I believe.

I've played a bit of Dark Cloud, its an RPG in its own right but I believe there are parts of the game which involve constructing towns or something.

RPG maker is not freeware or shareware so I dont suggest asking for a download link... it was a game on the playstation and there is also a PC version. Want it?

Step 1: Get wallet
Step 2: Go to shop
Step 3: Buy it

Or of course order it online :p Anyways, if your seriously interested in making a game learn a particular skill and go and see if u can join a mod team :P Thats my advice
Sat 08/02/03 at 21:29
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Was there not some game called Dark Cloud, where you could make really massive, good RPGs? What happened to that then?
Sat 08/02/03 at 18:11
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You can download it from there.

Have fun.
Sat 08/02/03 at 16:34
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Sat 08/02/03 at 16:30
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A demo? There's like 50 pages of text to read through, for a demo??
Sat 08/02/03 at 16:29
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Its with the demo that you get in the PS2 box right?

Aint that just the demo though?

I saw a 'full version' Yabasic on sale somewhere... hmm...
Sat 08/02/03 at 16:28
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You don't 'get' Yabasic, it comes free :-)

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