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"The Sims"

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Sat 08/02/03 at 10:33
Posts: 787
I never played the pc version, but yesterday i brought it on the Ps2. I havent played it yet but will start a game shortly so share any interesting experiences you have had on it here.
Thu 13/02/03 at 19:45
Posts: 9,629
The 2-player is good fun on it but the normal mode is a bit of a let down. Some of the controls are a little bit iffy as well. Much more enjoyable on PC, and cheaper too!
Mon 10/02/03 at 15:24
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
PS2, the bargain hunters games console.

Mon 10/02/03 at 12:39
Posts: 7
i've never played it eather, but i expect to get it soon. tell me if its any good
Sun 09/02/03 at 21:43
Posts: 2,769
get it for 30 most places now. I'd say it was worth 40. Allthough i did only pay 14 cash, traded games in i did.
Sun 09/02/03 at 21:37
Posts: 461
my cousin has the simes, the get a life mode can be sum fun but very repetitive and frustratiing. Two player bonus games and normal two player games are fun though.

not sure wether its worth 40 squid though :/
Sun 09/02/03 at 10:32
"Comfortably Numb"
Posts: 5,591
My friend has got the sims, to be honest, it's terrible, the "get a life" mode, is the one player mode, it's pants, and insulting. "Get a life" - see what i mean. Also, some of the changes they've made, really do make it worse - The curser has a long line coming from it, going up wards. I suppose the multi player is good, but it certinly isn't worth 40.
Sun 09/02/03 at 02:44
Posts: 7,037
I was going to rent that game tonight(well, last night), but it was out. Just to try it before I buy it.. if I do! So I rented Resident Evil instead :D
Sun 09/02/03 at 00:15
Posts: 0
Shadow Knight wrote:
> yet another of The sims topics *sighs*

All he had to do was look down the page a few topics and find my "The Sims... First Impressions" topic with most peoples opinions in it...

aaggghhhh noobs :$
Sun 09/02/03 at 00:12
"For the horde!!!!"
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yet another of The sims topics *sighs*
Sat 08/02/03 at 19:13
"Party Hard"
Posts: 1,202
Why don't you just play it and save us all from spoiling it for you?

Oh, and by the way, i found the PC version the most boring, tedious load of old tripe i have ever played.

Never played the PS2 version, though.

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