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"Is it raining? I hadn't noticed [UPDATED]"

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Fri 20/07/07 at 10:55
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Oh My God! What's worse than being stuck in the house because it's pouring with rain? A powercut! That's right we've just had one lasting a few hours.

It's been raining heavy since this morning. So about 6+ hours of continuous rain non stop. I finally go outside and I see all the roads are full of cars. It's just like in the movies, traffic jams everywhere, cars stuck, horns beeping, even the fire engines were stuck. The high street was worse and there was an ambulance trying to push through. It was going incredibly slow with it's sirens blazzing.

My mum gave me the ticket to pick up some photos and most of the shops didn't have power, including the supermarkets. So all the shops were shut, it's all dark inside and the staff stand their and don't know what to do.

Walking through the town water flows all over the pavement from the gutters. Large pools of water covering the roads, creating waves as cars rushed over them.

The water festival is definitely cancel. Just another foot of water and the whole area will be under water. Infact the road the other side of the river is already under large pools of water. It's a real pity as they worked so hard on it this year and they even made nice leaflets instead of photocopies. Oh well.

So yeah, utter chaos in my town, thanks to this summer rain.

------Oringinal Post--------

HA! It's been raining heavy for hours now. _ Expect lots more reports about flooding in the news.

My mum had to cancel going with our relatives to my grandparents graves. There's a water festival tonight and tomorrow down by the river, but I wouldnt be suprised if that all gets cancelled now. The band stage is probably under water too.

This has been a very disappointing summer and even the ducks and our gardens are fed up with the rain.

In other news Harry Potter 7 is released tomorrow =) so I'll be cooped up in the house all day anyway. =P

Is it raining where you are? If not, it should! >=(
Sat 21/07/07 at 15:02
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
I'm in Ireland. Nothing new.
Sat 21/07/07 at 11:03
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
m40 closed, a40 closed, a34 chaos... left oxford at 6, hit traffic at 6.05.. got home at 9.

rain sucks balls.
Fri 20/07/07 at 20:34
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
Cong Man wrote:
> Wasn't that good actually, she's probably in her 40s.

Fate is cruel and vindictive
Fri 20/07/07 at 20:33
Posts: 9,808
Wasn't that good actually, she's probably in her 40s.
Fri 20/07/07 at 20:32
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
Heh heh, every cloud with its silver lining.
Fri 20/07/07 at 20:28
Posts: 9,808
Still, at least I had a coat...there was a woman from finance there who only had a white shirt...
Fri 20/07/07 at 20:26
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
Haha! Same issue! I was walking to bus stop from the gym and sure enough as soon as i get within running distance, the bus pulls away.
Fri 20/07/07 at 20:22
Posts: 9,808
Got completely and utterly soaked waiting 25 minutes for a bus which is supposed to run ever 10 minutes. There wasn't even a shelter at the stop.

One of those moments where I hate Peterborough and appreciate how good I had it in Nottingham.
Fri 20/07/07 at 19:23
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I was walking home during the peak of the storm.

*bitter look*
Fri 20/07/07 at 19:20
Posts: 10,009
It started about 1pm here and it's not stopped since although it's not been too heavy yet

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