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"EXTRA GAMEADAY PRIZE - March/April Mag Shoot Bonanza!"

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Fri 14/02/03 at 16:10
Posts: 787
Okay, this competition is over! Thank God! Because it was rubbish! Maybe it's my fault for getting my hopes up, or maybe it's your fault for not having any celebrity friends, but this compo, for want of a better word, sucked. Imagine, if you will, what I expected to get - wow, it's Posh and Becks smiling and flicking through the mag! Cor, it's Michael Jackson reading through the PS2 pages! Gosh, is that Osama Bin Laden snapped reading the club page? No, it's a picture of someone's magazine on a toilet, or in a bed, or next to a cat, or in mid-air. Yes, someone seriously took a picture of their magazine in mid-air. Gah. Back to the banner comp next time then...

Still, winners had to be picked, and picked they were. To be fair, the winning entries weren't bad, in that they were fairly interesting and made me giggle a bit. I picked two winners to win a game of their choice (worth up to 50) each, so here they are.

WINNER 1: for his series of New York pictures, particularly this one on top of the Empire State Building. Admittedly it took no more effort than picking up his SR mag before he went on holiday, but it was leagues ahead of the others in terms on interest. Well done Alex.

WINNER 2: Locky, for his rather embarassing Pikachu photos. You can see the best ones by clicking here. Nothing special you might think, albeit for the fact that he bought the costume solely for the competition and that kind of determination should be rewarded (and feared, in equal measures). James requested that his face be blurred, probably to retain some dignity. You're a winner.

Begrudging thanks to all who entered I suppose, I'll be slightly less imaginative about the next Extra GAD competition (coming soon).

Thanks, bye!
Ali aka Mr Snuggly


Hey ho, another day, another Extra Gameaday prize from your favourite games company. Us. Definitely an interesting one this, too. What we want you to do for this competition is take a photo of you or a friend holding a copy of the Special Reserve magazine in an interesting or exciting place. For example, you could run up to President Blairs on Downing Street and snap him leafing through the PC section, or take your copy of the SR mag to to the top of Mount Everest and snap it there. Or maybe they don't have to be so extreme. But something exciting.

It's up to you basically, we just want pics of you and your SR mag in an exciting place. Get a minor celeb to be photographed reading it, take it to a concert, get it on the news, whatever - it's up to you, there's no rules regarding to what kind of photo you take, only that it must have the Special Reserve mag in it. Told you it was an interesting one.

Both digital photographs and regular photographs will be fine, I'll give you the addresses to send both to at the bottom. However, there's to be no digital jiggery-pokery or illegal Photoshoppery - we're experts in this field and will suss you out if you think you can cut and paste your SR mag into the hands of Saddam Hussain. Apart from that, there's not that much else to it, just as long the pictures you take are interesting and will make us go WOW or some other such noise. Make us laugh! And no naked Porntrooper shots, either (you know who you are).

The most impressive photos will win a game of the winners choice worth up to 50, although how many winners there are will be judged on how many entries we receive. Any amazingly special photos may be in the running for a super mystery prize (as in we don't know what it is either), but until then we'll just say a 50 GAD for the best ones. You can send in as many photos as you like, and potentially win more than once if you're photos are of good quality.

This competition will be open for a while, until the end of April so you've got plenty of time to get out there and snap your SR mag with a celeb or other wonder of the world. We'll announce the winners when we've sifted through all of your entries. If you haven't got a digital camera to use, then get on over to and buy one - they're ridiculously cheap now so you've got no excuse.

E-mail your digital photos to: *** (try and keep the file size as small as possible without ruining the image quality, JPEGS will do fine, any other formats should be okay)

Mail your standard photos to: Special Reserve Photo Competition, 2 South Block, The Maltings, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, CM21 9JX

Good luck!

*hopes competition goes well*

Please note: We can accept no responsibilty for any lengths of idiocy that you go to to get your photos, obviously we want you to be safe and don't want people jumping in front of David Beckham's DB7 for a photo.

Thu 01/05/03 at 09:19
Posts: 1,646
cookie monster wrote:
> The last one that Locky did made me chortle.

Thanks, it's good to see my complete humiliation has made someone smile:D
Wed 30/04/03 at 20:46
Posts: 9,494
I was going to get it done with Denis Norden but I didn't think he was famous.
Wed 30/04/03 at 20:43
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
The last one that Locky did made me chortle.
Wed 30/04/03 at 20:01
Posts: 2,774
"Yes, someone seriously took a picture of their magazine in mid-air"


they should be told off for mistreating precious SR material.
Wed 30/04/03 at 15:54
Posts: 9,631
Heh heh, mrious put all that effort in them photos and didnt win a thing... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!
Wed 30/04/03 at 15:40
"^^^New Online Arcad"
Posts: 1,369
I would like to thank all the people i know but they never helped me so screw them, although i would like to thank the woman who took my pic for me and for SR for choosing me to win

*holds his game high and bows*
Wed 30/04/03 at 11:15
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
If I had a digital camera....
Wed 30/04/03 at 11:15
"sweats salad dressi"
Posts: 4,599
Did you receive my pic I mailed in yesterday. Took me hours of convincing to get that picture....HOURS
Wed 30/04/03 at 11:13
Posts: 1,646
aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:) FEAR ME.
Wed 30/04/03 at 11:12
Posts: 1,646
Dressing up in a Pikachu outfit worked:)

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