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"Do you drink Tea or Coffee?"

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Fri 28/02/03 at 22:24
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I like tea
Mon 03/03/03 at 12:34
"Brownium Motion"
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Coffee, white, with one sugar. Pretty standard, really.

Where I work I see loads of Yanks coming in saying, "Caw-fee please and hold the milk and sweetener, for conference room 4"

Whenever i hear them say it like that, I cringe and then feel the rage.

Err..not that I work at a Starbucks or anything - we've got a kitchen at work with a full-time catering staff boy. We get free tea/coffee/juice/soft drink and biscuits! I love it...
Mon 03/03/03 at 12:17
"Uzi Lover"
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Or whatever its called.
Mon 03/03/03 at 10:46
"Back from the dead!"
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I prefer tea out of those two, but then given the choice, I'd rather have

Red Bull
Tropicana Sanguellinio (sp) red orange juice (this is the best OJ ever!)
Diet Coke
Mon 03/03/03 at 09:19
"aliens exist"
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Mon 03/03/03 at 07:46
"Puerile Shagging"
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WkieeMn wrote:
> Thi wrote:
> Coffee!
> It has caffeine!
> Would it surprise you to know that tea has just as much caffeine in it
> as coffee does?

Tea actually contains more caffine then coffee.
Mon 03/03/03 at 07:34
"Mudda owns BEARDS :"
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I hate coffee - it tates life cack. Tea is Ok, but I really like Ovaltine and Hot Chocolate with maltesers and Jaffa Cakes :)
Sun 02/03/03 at 21:44
"High polygon count"
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Thi wrote:
> Coffee!
> It has caffeine!

Would it surprise you to know that tea has just as much caffeine in it as coffee does?
Sun 02/03/03 at 21:40
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I don't like either - the only hot drink I like is of the chocolate variety.
Sun 02/03/03 at 18:05
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Coffee - black, double strength, two sugars - Mmmmmmmm...
Sun 02/03/03 at 17:34
"Black pepper?"
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