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"360 E3 XBox Announcements"

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Wed 11/07/07 at 10:05
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In a 90 minute show last night, basically it was:

Marketplace will offer access to Disney movies (and from the look of the showreel it's every Disney movie past, present and future).

Coming out for the hols (Novemberish):

Mass Effect
Project Gotham Racing 4 (including motorbikes vs cars, and weather effects including fog, snow and rain)
Lost Odessey
Call of Duty 4 (which looks very good, check out the video for it on Marketplace, set in modern day)
Assassin's Creed (which looks fantastic)
Halo 3 (they ran a showreel at the end including some single-player footage...I'm now tempted...)
Ace Combat 6 (nice and shiny, great music, trailer is up on Marketplace)
Blue Dragon (demo now up on Marketplace, kinda put me off the game though)
Eternal Sonata (very brief clip shown during a montage, but I thought it looked great).

And the only trailer they showed for games that were coming out in 2008:

Resident Evil 5.
Sun 15/07/07 at 01:15
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Gameplay are taking pre-order for the Elite at 330, if you place an order now and it does go up you'll only have to pay the original price. I'm guessing 330 will be about the right price, and I'm also expecting a Microsoft to slash the price of 360 around september-october time.
Fri 13/07/07 at 01:36
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'Tis a bit collossal yes. Hopefully it'll spawn a plethora of futuristic rpgs over the next few years because I'm getting a little tired of slicing orcs in half and living in wooden housing.
Thu 12/07/07 at 15:48
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I saw Mass Effect being played on Gamespot's live coverage of E3 last night. The game looks absolutely HUGE! The Milky Way galaxy has loads of smaller 'galaxies' which contains loads of planets and moons and they all have things to do on each one.

They were saying that all the players at Bioware and the Microsoft test team would have seen everything the game has to offer between them. One person has not seen all the game.
Thu 12/07/07 at 13:10
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Gamesindustry has a report that reckons the price difference between the Elite & the premium will be the same over here as it is in the US - where it's an additional $80.

So that puts the elite at 360 over here.
Thu 12/07/07 at 11:31
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Your Honour wrote:
> Yup. No price for the Elite though. has the Elite up for 429 and the PS3 for 399.

Maybe Microsoft haven't worked out that HDTV take up in Europe is in a comparative Stone Age compared to Japan and the USA, and I think Sony just take a look at Wii sales figures to confirm for themselves that maybe HDTV functionality wasn't all that great an idea this generation.
Wed 11/07/07 at 22:45
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Yup. No price for the Elite though.

Hopefully the premium will come down a bit, but I won't hold my breath...
Wed 11/07/07 at 20:23
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Hedfix wrote:
> Before the end of the year is what I keep hearing.
> It won't happen until those bigger HD's rollout over here
> though.

Forgot to mention, the Elite 360 gets launched August 24th in Europe. As well as a Halo themed 360 for the Halo 3 launch. (It looks like a green 360 with a green controller from a distance).
Wed 11/07/07 at 20:12
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Excellent. Definitely thinking of picking up an Xbox 360 sometime during summer and games like that are why. Halo 3 is a must whatever its like, I mean Halo 2's multiplayer more than made up for its pretty pathetic single player. Quite a few of the other titles interest me too, awesome to see Resi 5 coming to the console.
Wed 11/07/07 at 15:43
"Too Orangy For Crow"
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Yeah, watched this at 4:30am last night. I'm really interested in Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, PGR4 and Halo 3.

Am I the only more interested in the Halo story than the gameplay? I'll confess, I've never played a Halo game in the single player mode.
Wed 11/07/07 at 15:19
"Devil in disguise"
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It'll be interesting to see what the content is like. Movie studios have been quite erm....resistant to releasing digital content in other territories so far. Hopefully this is the start of them relaxing things a bit.

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