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"Anyone go to Southampton University?"

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Wed 05/03/03 at 22:03
Posts: 787
I know it's not exactly games-related, but it's computer-related which is kinda the same.

Anyways, I'm considering studying computer science at either Bath or Southampton. I know ssxpro goes to Bath and I've spoken with him about it. Now I need to know whether Southampton students enjoy it there and think I might.

Any takers?
Fri 14/03/03 at 00:40
Posts: 6,801
anything else you might catch me on MSN or email at [email protected]
Fri 14/03/03 at 00:39
Posts: 6,801
ah i only just spotted this.

I do indeed go to southampton. and have the following to say.

1. on the computer science front:

I know about 5 or 6 people in that department. They all seem to enjoy it as much as other students like there degrees. Its a well respected department in the uni. And I have to say they seem to look after there students pretty well. (don't quote me on it but i believe they install free broadband in your student house in the 2 and 3 year( i'd call them to check)). And from next year NTL will have full data connectivity in all halls.

2. My Mate applied for Computer science at Bath and Soton. He ended up going to bath (because he was particularly stupid on his UCAS reply and i think he thought you had a choice if you met the grade requirements for the courses at both.) He is enjoying bath a lot.

3. The towns, I stayed in bath with a friend, and thought it wasn't as well student orientated as soton. Southampton has 2 uni's and a student population of about 35000. As a result a lot is geared for students. It isn't london, but it is pretty good, with some very good student night life.

The campus at soton is pretty big and the computer science department is pretty well located in respect to the halls. Most of the comp science people i know seem to have a fairly average work load and not to bad timetable. Sorry i can't inform you on the exact specifics of the course, but as i said i haven't heard any bad things about it and i know a fair few people doing it. I can't fault soton as a town as there is a lot to do and the facilities and sports teams are of a very high standard. Obviously i can't choose for you, but I'd recommend giving southampton a very good look, as it is well respected and is a very good place to live.
Fri 07/03/03 at 18:41
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
UEA, dull and concrete...

Just breeze blocks everywhere!
Fri 07/03/03 at 13:23
"...Unicef pennies.."
Posts: 639
Pegasus wrote:
> Well Loughborough is the leading sporty type Uni in the UK..I think.

Yeah, I think you're right. Great if you're the sporty type. Bad otherwise

> I don't know, or care really. I just work in Loogabarooga.

Cool, I'm the same everytime someone mentions Kenilworth.

Not that it happens very often!

Fri 07/03/03 at 12:07
Posts: 56
Well Loughborough is the leading sporty type Uni in the UK..I think. I don't know, or care really. I just work in Loogabarooga.
Fri 07/03/03 at 11:46
"...Unicef pennies.."
Posts: 639
Pegasus wrote:
> phi11ip wrote:
> >Loughborough the Wednesday after that...
> ****
> Wooo loogabarooga!! Orugh orgh orguh!!
> Oh yeah oh yeah!

Loughborough? What a hole.

Went to open day, spoke to current students;

Me: "So, what do you do of an evening?"

Loogabarooga (?) Student: "Well, err, you have to go to Nottingham or Leicester if you want to go clubbing or trawling the pubs."

Me: "Oh. What else do you do?"

L Student: "We play SPORTS! You play sports?"

Me: "Not anymore."

L Student: *Gasps* "Oh dear. Have to play sports at Lo'boro' I'm afraid."

Me: *Runs*
Fri 07/03/03 at 11:43
Posts: 7,403
phi11ip wrote:
> I'm off to UEA on Friday...
> Leicester on next Wednesday...
> Loughborough the Wednesday after that...

I have a mate that goes to UEA...if you want a word with him just contact me ([email protected])
Fri 07/03/03 at 11:38
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
My sister goes to Southampton Uni, but she's only doing Philosophy.

Guess where I've been for the past 3 days?
Thu 06/03/03 at 22:33
Posts: 56
phi11ip wrote:
>> Loughborough the Wednesday after that...

Wooo loogabarooga!! Orugh orgh orguh!!
Oh yeah oh yeah!
Thu 06/03/03 at 22:32
"Peace Respect Punk"
Posts: 8,069
My mate wants to go to Southampton to study law. He lives on the Isle of Wight mind, so it's not far away... In fact, he lives in Cowes (where the IOW-Southampton ferries go from) so he could actually go home whenever... Y'know, to steal food and get washing done and that. I want to get a bit further away from this Island mind... I was thinking about Bath. No idea why... probably just cos I went there (not the Uni though) a while back and it seemed alright.

Ah well. I have a while to decide yet.

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