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"help on ssbm (super smash brothers: melee)"

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Sat 08/03/03 at 21:20
Posts: 787
i have completed event match 39 but i cant go onto event match 40, y not
Tue 11/03/03 at 11:47
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Ha! After looking at a help guide for the event matches I have now completly finished all but 5 of the event matches. They are All stars match 4, Pikachu and Pichu, All Stars Match Deluxe, Final Destination, Final Destination 2 (Event match 51).

So I have almost completed them due to some helpful advice and absolute luck.
Mon 10/03/03 at 21:23
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
It was a bit silly to write the abbreviated name and then the full one, don't you think, they both kinda render each other pointless don't you think?

One or the other......
Mon 10/03/03 at 21:05
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
So, have you got all of the other 24 characters? Now all you have to do is complet the Adventure and Classic modes with all 24, this will unlock Mr Game and Watch and the All Stars Mode.

BTW I have now managed to comple 39 of the 51 event maches, the one that I'm really having trouble on is the Marathon Man one. the time goes faster than normal to add to the faster cars.
Mon 10/03/03 at 19:35
Posts: 1,317
i did it the 700 ko way, and i want to know the easiest way to get mr game & watch up
Sun 09/03/03 at 17:42
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
I think you have a foney source, I have already got Mewtwo and it was from leaving the Versus mode going with 2-4 human characters and put it on a 1 stock non-timered battle, then I just left it for 5-10 hours while I was asleep, then I woke up KO'ed the other person and then the warning another player has arrived and then i faced mewtwo and beat him up and claimed him.
Sun 09/03/03 at 16:56
Posts: 1,317
y does it say on the ssbm cheats that u can knock out the other plkayer 700 times?, cos next to that it has a smiley face next to it, but ill check again
Sun 09/03/03 at 16:19
Posts: 11,038

No, if you have four contollers, or less, put them all in, and start a game using all of the controllers, let it run for 5 hours (4 contollers) 6 hours forty minutes (3 controllers) 10 hours (2 contollers) 20 hours (1 controller) you probably won't need that many, but, this is on the assumption you're NEVER played Versus mode ever.
Sun 09/03/03 at 16:14
Posts: 1,317
as un can c i put isiot instead of idiot, and to get up mewto can u just k.o urself 700 times for him to challange u?
Sun 09/03/03 at 16:13
Posts: 1,317
well, im an isiot
Sun 09/03/03 at 16:03
Posts: 11,038
Oh, and you don't JUST need to do Event Match 39, you need to complete everything before it, if you were too stupid to realise that...

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