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"Tenchu III"

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Sun 09/03/03 at 15:30
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Is it any good?

Seen some reviews, but I'm still not convinced.

Enlighten me because I'm thinking of getting it and I don't really have a money-growing tree.
Mon 10/03/03 at 20:04
"say hello to parsle"
Posts: 522
I personally think Tenchu 3 is a top game. It rewards skillful play with some extremely cool new items to use, and it's probably the only game of it's kind thats actually worth repeat play. Could anyone here actually be bothered to play MGS2 a second time?!
OK, so hand to hand combats a bit difficult like, but it's supposed to be to encourage stealthy kills y'see. It's certainly better than the disappointing sequel too!
Mon 10/03/03 at 19:08
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DeltaJava wrote:
> The lock on function isn't all that great

yea, the camera angles can be quite frustrating and become tiring to get used to. They often block your view from enemies in mid fight.
Mon 10/03/03 at 18:54
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The lock on function isn't all that great, and it can become awkward when fighting - however, being a ninja should mean avoiding fights.
Mon 10/03/03 at 13:37
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
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In my opinion it's just a rehash of the first game! Which was great, but do you want the same thing over again?
Mon 10/03/03 at 13:14
"Brownium Motion"
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But it IS number 2...
Mon 10/03/03 at 12:13
"Darkness, always"
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If it's the same as number two, in my opinion it's crap.

The original was easily the best.
Mon 10/03/03 at 10:56
"Brownium Motion"
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I've been playing Dynasty Warriors 2 on my bro's PS2. Quite a nice game, actually.
Mon 10/03/03 at 10:52
"Infantalised Forums"
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It's alright.

Not massively different from number 2 though. You sneak about and kill people, that's it.

Worth a rental
Sun 09/03/03 at 19:08
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Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is a pretty good game. The initail characters are probably the best I have encountered. I rented it and got into it a good bit. The story, in my view, isnt as captivating as other Japenese games like Onimush 1 + 2 but the focus on stealth missions does do the game justice. The kills can be quite satisfying at times. I dont want to go on about it as I am quite busy at the moment but I advise you to rent.

BUT! If you are a fan of stealth mission based games that have a good bit of freedom (in the different ways you can pass each mission) then you would like this game. Button bashing may become repetitive though.
Sun 09/03/03 at 15:30
"Being Ignorant"
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Is it any good?

Seen some reviews, but I'm still not convinced.

Enlighten me because I'm thinking of getting it and I don't really have a money-growing tree.

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