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"Xmas Nights into Dreams, For sale!"

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Sat 15/03/03 at 09:14
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I have Xmas Nights for sale for about 20 -25 (inc P&P recorded del etc) so if anyones intested leave your e-mail address in this thread and i'll give you more details.

It's a great game for all Saturn and Nights enthusiasts alike and is becoming increasingly hard to find so it's value in both ammount, nostalgic memories and amazing gameplay will only go up and be more sought after in years to come.

Reasonably recently it has gone for up to 40 on ebay so the price that i'm offering is quite fair especially as it includes 1st class, recorded delivery etc to make sure that it reaches you in the Mint condition that it's in.

As for content and bonus features, just scroll down for a whole list of amazing extras that made this game such a classic among many...

Extra Modes

Time attack :- Try and beat your best times (challenging)
Link attack :- Try and score as many links as you can (great fun)
Melody box :- Listen to every single track ever made for Nights
Sonic :- Play as Sonic! (need i say more)
Nights museum : - There are a staggering 14 of these in total each featuring pages of artwork for every character,lvl etc in the game theres easilly 100 + images on this disc and then some!
Nights goods :- Shows all of the merchndise that was ever released including a Nights bed! (it has to be seen to be believed)
Movie 1 :- Preview movie good few minutes long showing pre production footage of the game in action.
Movie 2 :- Preview movie showing game nearer release.
Reala :- Play as Reala all year round!

This is just some of the amazing content on the disc, trust me this disc is a must for all Nights fans so if you want a copy then leave your e-mail address in this thread and i'll happily answer any questions or clear up any details.

I only have a few copies so stock are limited.

Thanks for your interest.

slik ~_~
Wed 25/06/03 at 10:08
Posts: 3,307
In case anyones still interested in a copy of Xmas Nights into Dreams... I have 1 copy left as another of my copies is allready allocated, so if anyone really does want one this is your last chance to own a brilliant piece of Sega history and a great collectable game.

slik ~_~
Wed 11/06/03 at 23:43
Posts: 1
Hey I'd really like a copy if you still have one left.My e-mail address is [email protected] .Just out of curiousity though,this is US currency right?If not how much is this in US dollars?
Sat 07/06/03 at 19:55
Posts: 3,307
well if you do want one let me know when you do want one and we can talk more on MSN :)

slik ~_~
Sat 07/06/03 at 13:29
Posts: 10,437
I may want one :-D
Mon 26/05/03 at 16:45
Posts: 79
I don't know, can't seems to get more than 4.99 for my version on ebay, finishes tonight and it has a staggering 1 bid on it, and it's the rarer version with the slipcase, so god knows where you get the 20-40 figure from !

If anyone is interested then just put Christmas Nights into the search thing on eBay UK , finishes tonight and is at 4.99......
Mon 12/05/03 at 16:42
Posts: 3,307
well if anyone does want xmas Nights then I have 1 or 2 copies left but once there gone there gone, so if anyones considering buying one off me then if they could let me know soon.

slik ~_~
Mon 12/05/03 at 13:18
"Gamertag Star Fury"
Posts: 2,710
Hmmm how's this for amazing luck ?

The Nights box set I ordered from cex came this morning, all in near mint condition bar a label on the back of the box. I open it up, all the instructions there, all the internal packing, and....nestled on the top of the Nights case....a slipcased Christmas Nights ! Methinks cex slipped up there as they sell it seperately on the site ! :)
Tue 06/05/03 at 22:20
"Gamertag Star Fury"
Posts: 2,710
Hmm I'll wait see how the ones I'm watching on Ebay play out first, there's about five copies on, three of which are card covers.

Managed to get Nights+pad, mint condition, boxed with all instructions, for 20 today :)
Tue 06/05/03 at 20:29
Posts: 3,307
They are the ones in the proper card sleeevs and they are in Mint and sealed condition and if anyones interested I still have another copy or two for sale for about 20 each as they are becoming more rare and collectable and vary in the price that they go for on ebay and the like from around 20 up to 40 and are a worthwhile investment as well as a great game in itself.

slik ~_~
Tue 06/05/03 at 17:06
"QPR 1974"
Posts: 2,539
Yeah, the free promo ones in the sleeves. I believe

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