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"*** Freeola/Special Reserve Hall Of Fame ***"

The "Freeola Customer Forum" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Wed 04/07/07 at 11:22
Posts: 5,659
Welcome to the Freeola and Special Reserve Hall Of Fame! This is basically were we induct 'legends' of the forums. I use the word legends very loosely, as people can be inducted for good and bad reasons. You can also nominate non-members or celebrities as legends, although entries are at my own discression, and you must justify, good or bad, whether someone should be in the Hall Of Fame/Shame. There is a Hall Of Shame at the bottom of the page as well. They don't warrant a description.

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Hall Of Fame Members!

Inductee #1 - Timmargh

Well Tim is not only a former Notable, but he has been around SR and Freeola for just as long as anyone. Originally going under the username of TIM-MAY!, he always gives a good conversation and ever since joining he has been an active poster, whether be in the Golden Days of SR, or now in Freeola. He has dedicated his entire social life to Freeola (Probably), so for that, you are inducted into the Hall Of Fame! In the words of Machie, 'National Treasure'.

Inductee #2 - Hedfix

Probably the most legendary figure around these parts. He persistantly posts jiberish, on topic, or not, but thoroghly deserves his place in the Freeola/Special Reserve Hall Of Fame. It would be hard to imagine the forums without Hedfix, and I'm sure your gratitude will be displayed in a post only you can understand. Before Special Reserve wnet down the tube, he was the all time top poster with a staggering 32,000 posts. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #3 - Mr Snuggly

This is pretty self-explanatory really, and I don't think anyone could dispute this entry. The people's staffie, and later elected a notable I believe, always on topic, interesting, and in general a great guy. If only he was still around these parts. Whatever happened to Snuggles? I named my fish after him :) He was a staffie, I think he left his job and then was made Notable, but I don't think anyone has seen him since. A very deserving inductee to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #4 - English_Bloke

Another very deserving inductee into the Hall Of Fame. English_Bloke was the nicest guy you could hope to talk to, he was always very welcoming to all of the newbies, including myself when I joined. He sometimes posts under the name Pandemic now, but his more regular posting is much missed. He's probably out there now pleasing other people, as well as saving lives. How he wasn't a Notable I will never know. I think they were rigged by Trout and AB1000 - The Swines! He's always been obsessed with Timmargh's winky for some strange reason, and likes to flirt with 13 year old girls. However, no-one deserves a place more than English_Bloke in the Hall Of Fame, only Snuggly comes close. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #5 - Meka Dragon

One of the all time longest members, and one of Special Reserves' all time top posters, Meka Dragon is the next inductee into the Hall Of Fame. A very witty, sharp and intelligent poster, and in general a great contributor to the Freeola and Special Reserve forums, he always wrote the best stories and often winning in the Short Story Competitions, well in my eyes anyway, the story about time travel on the moon was genious for me, so without further ado... Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #6 - Sniper

" Nobody else has ever managed to condense 300,000 word posts into a single syllable and yet still communicate the entire meaning of the original post. His classic 'Eh?', his famous 'Wot?' and our all-time favourite: 'Er' linger on in cached histories that forum archeologists of the future will drool over millennia from now if they bother to dig that deep." - FantasyMeister

Inductee #7 - Notorious Biggles

Another very worthy inductee, Notorious Biggles was a former notable, his appointment took far too long if I remember, and a member of the old guard of postes who've been here for ages. He was very informative, posting a lot in the WLT's meaning you could have a casual conversation, and I understand he's also a pilot. He makes the odd appearance but it's usually at about 4 in the morning. Sir, welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #8 - Afrojoe

Another former notable, and one of the top posters in the Hall Of Fame. He goes in mainly for a conversation in the PS2 WLT when I accidently called him Afrohoe, a simple error if you all look at your keyboards. Oh the laughs that brought. He's been around here for donkeys years, although we don't see him anymore. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #9 - Grix Thraves

One of the names I remembered the most when I returned to Freeola, and, despite his alleged Pembrokshire residence, Grix is the next inductee into the Hall Of Fame. Grix could call himself a Notable, and e was always a competent story writer and an avid poster in the hay days of SR, he makes the odd appearance now and again. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #10 - @ngel

She's been under many names, @ngel, Seraphim, Vee and Wii Vii to name but a few, but she's always herself and you couldn't pick a fault in her, so @ngel, welcome to the hall of fame. She's the resident beauty and she's always very kind, considerate and fun to talk to. She's always been an active and a big contributer, and she hinted that she wouldn't mind going into the hall as well. Despite her relatively poor Wii Fitness age, i'm only happy to oblige, as Der Nazi nominated you to. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #11 - Grandprix

You'll mainly find Grandprix in the Sport forum, he's always a good contributor and very up to date. He used to be a Notable and run the SR F1 tournament (I was runner up one year, blast!) and is always on the money. He knows Formula One inside out and has been around for what seems like forever. He was nominated by Der Nazi, and he always got on with everyone. So why not, Grandprix, Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #12 - Machie

Orignally a Hall Of Shamer under his former username 'Fooly Cooly', mainly due to my own ignorance, Machie just has to go into the Hall Of Fame. The guy is always the top poster, and he's very much the old fogey of the forums, he's been around since the beginning and has more than likely devoted his life to Special Reserve and Freeola. Can you imagine how many words his hands have typed over the years, I cringe at the thought. Anyway, Welcome to the Hall Of Shame... I mean Fame!

Inductee #13 - Der Nazi

Handsome, charming and a raver are three adjectives you'd never associate with him, but nevertheless, he's now a Hall Of Famer. Don't be put off by the name, Nazi is a very intelligent young man who has been one of the better contributers in these parts. He was also in that trolley video, which I don't think anyone will forget (Got a link, anyone?) , and was one of the people I remembered fondly when I recently returned to the Freeola forums. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame, pet.

Inductee #14 - pb

pb, like Timmargh, is one of the longest active posters currently on the Freeola forums. pb was a Notable back in the glory days of Special Reserve, and I believe he's also the all time top Gameaday winner. He's a hardcore (Well, not so much now) gamer, and is always there when a conversation gets going. pb, welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #15 - Edgy

I only really spoke to Edgy very occasionally, but he was very on the ball and a witty contributor. He makes the odd appearance now in the Games forum, keeping us up to date with the Virtual Console Games for the Wii. He was also a Notable, which obviously says something, and his inclusion was recommended, so welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #16 - Crossbob

By popular demand, Crossbob is the next inductee into the Freeola and Special Reserve Hall Of Fame. It feels a bit weird because his name looks strange without that funny double 's' he used in his name, but oh well. He was an interesting poster and often popped up in most of the different forums. Who knows what he's doing now? He's got a band I believe, so he's probably out playing some tunes. Anyway, welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #17 - Ineedsleep

I wonder were the name stems from? Anyway, as nominated by Machie, Ineedsleep is the next inductee in the Hall Of Fame. I only really knew her from the SR F1 tournament, I believe her and Der Nazi were my two partners over the two years I did it. I also remember her being much better than me a the prediction league(Oh Well!). I think we spoke a few times in the PS2 Longest Thread as well, what good times. Enough of my mumbling, welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #18 - Borat Sadyigev

I've probably mispelt his name terribly, but he goes in the Hall Of Fame nevertheless. One of the funniest, nicest and most intelligent (Well, I don't know about the last one) posters you could come across. He goes by the name of Borat now I don't think he's made an appearance in a while though. I believe like Crossbob, (and myself, how cool were we?) he used symbols in his name as well. Who cares, Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #19 - Dringo

In the words of Mav "Thinking back to key events, you can't really overlook the whole Dringo and the barn fiasco, which more or less had everyone hooked for four months. And he was pretty much the spine of the Nintendo forum from its birth." I think that somes Dringo up perefectly really, theres not much else to say to Dringo except, welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #20 - Mystique

A somewhat controversial choice in many ways, Mystique was very opinionated, and sometimes very aggressive. However, deep down there was a very kind person in there, when you made friends with Mystique. Mystique could always back up an argument, and at times loved nothing more than some verbal jousting. One of the top posters ever, Mystique is the latest inductee into the Freeola and Special Reserve Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #21 - Insane Bartender

IB makes the odd appearance on Freeola every now and then like most Notables, and is now a Hall Of Famer. He was an accountant from Surrey, I don't know much more, except in his own words, his favourite place is 'The innder depths of my own mind', but I don't think I need to do much justifying, because, like Der Nazi's trolley video, he made me laugh with this, himself as a Stormtrooper. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #22 - Lindgren

With Machie and Nin fighting her corner, Lindgren has been inducted. In the words of Nin "WLT legend, always capable of getting people talking. Teachers (Tony's) pet, could consistently use the word "a**e" and make the staff look like idiots without so much as a ticking off. Has never lost an argument in the near 5 years she's been on here". Oh, and i'm sure those of you who know what's happening with Trish at the moment will join me in wishing her the best of luck. We await your return, and welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #23 - Goatboy

In the words of FantasyMeister "If the SR forums were social normality at the height of civilisation then Goatboy was Tyler Durden, and he was the only one who could manage to get EVERY staffie to bend over on a regular basis. I think through some strange quirk of fate that he can probably now be found as a regular on the Microsoft Train Simulator forums, posting under the name of 'The Conductor'." There's also the Belldandy affair i've heard about, and Goatboy is also a former Notable. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #24 - Paradox:

Paradox:, real name Kyle Hastings I believe, is the latest inductee into he SR/Freeola Hall Of Fame. I'm not sure if he was a Notable, I do remember him always being near the top of the votes everytime there was an election though. Last I heard from him he was at University, because my suspicions that he now posts under the username 'Everpain' have been proved false. One of the most intelligent posters on the forums, his quick wit made him a positive in every conversation he took part in, so welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #25 - Kawada

After a forum uproar and plea's from Snake and Shooby, Kawada, or lalakersrule as he was formerly known, is the next member into this prestigious club. He is now a moderator, and is most frequently found in the Wrestling Forum. Even though he works for the Royal Mail (A heinous crime which nearly saw him banished from the Hall Of Fame), i've stuck him in as democracy has prevailed. I suppose all there's left to say is welcome to the Hall Of Fame, Mr Kawada.

Inducee #26 - Black Glove

He makes the odd appearance in the Creative forum, but other than that, we rarely here from the twenty sixth inductee, Black Glove. He is a fantastic write and always contributes in the Short Stroy Competitions, he always knows what he's talking about and he also acheived notable status back in the days of Special Reserve. I have no idea what he looked like, I seem to remember his Special Observe picture being an actual Black Glove, although i'm sure FM could give us a more comical approach to what Glove was like. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #27 - HalloHowArtThou

Well, HalloHowArtThou has been making occasional appearances recently at Freeola, but he can more commonly be found at DogsOnAcid these days. He now posts under the name of Niddle, and he used to run Special Observe, for those of you who don't know, a site where members of the forum post their profiles etc... He's always been a very witty poster and is the first inductee into the Hall Of Fame for a few days. I'm sure someone else could tell you a bit more about Niddle, but apparently, he steals street signs when he's drunk (The Swine!) . Anyway HHAT/Niddle, welcome to the Freeola/Special Reserve Hall Of Fame!

Inductee #28 - The Sagacious One

Well, a few people have been recommending Saggy as of late, so I suppose he should be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. He was a witty and regular poster at Special Reserve, although as far as i'm aware he's not around here any more. He is obviously Sagacious, so he's very wise and makes good judgements. Who knows where he is these days? For all we know, he could be a Quiz Show God, regularly interchanging between the likes of 'The Weakest Link', 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and 'The Price Is Right', although maybe not the last one... Anyway, welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Inductee #29 - J Nash

Oh go on then! I never thought i'd do this, and most of you will probably will kill me for this, but J Nash is going into the Hall Of Fame. The guy was a pain at first, but he turned into one of the funniest posters who had ever graced Special Reserve. He is probably over on Pocket Monkey at the moment posting tasteless jokes and pointless threads. Some may dispute this inclusion, but Nash made everyone laugh, and would often snap out of his usual state of mind and help you out if you had a problem. Either that or he would laugh. Who Knows? I put him in the Hall Of Shame in a 'jokey' way, but now, J Nash, welcome to the Hall Of Fame!
Mon 21/11/16 at 04:33
Posts: 6,492
This is a blast from the past.

Not even a single mention...
Mon 27/07/15 at 23:02
Posts: 18,185
I wrote a book about the whole barn thing. It was a comedy retelling of the story (it's funny in retrospect). I had two chapters just filled with forum posts from here.

It was hugely self-indulgent and poorly constructed so never dreamed of getting it published. But I think the forum chapters were by far the funniest
Mon 08/06/15 at 00:23
Posts: 15,681
Perhaps the hall of fame needs to be updated!
Tue 26/05/15 at 18:21
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
Tony wrote:
Well well well, I disappear for a good long time and I come back to find myself not on a hall of fame!

Welcome back Tony, but you're on the 'post' now ... so ...
Tue 26/05/15 at 17:58
Staff Moderator
"Must lose weight"
Posts: 5,778
Edgy wrote:
Well well well, I disappear for a good long time and I come back to find myself on a hall of fame!

Well well well, I disappear for a good long time and I come back to find myself not on a hall of fame!
Sun 26/04/15 at 22:33
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
You're welcome ...
Sun 26/04/15 at 22:05
Posts: 15,681
Well well well, I disappear for a good long time and I come back to find myself on a hall of fame!
Wed 01/04/15 at 09:21
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
A hundred thousand words of creative writing, over a dozen forum prizes over and above SSC competition winnings, a hundred deep debates on various subjects, the hijacking of Belldandy's forum ID, and THIS is what you remember me for?

Fair comment...
Tue 22/07/14 at 20:22
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
Alfonse wrote:
You will never surpass Hedfix's post tally. He's a forum leviathan

Maybe Freeola ought to sort their 'posting' records .... a little more frequently ;)
Tue 22/07/14 at 13:24
Posts: 18,185
Crikey, those names bring back a few memories

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