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"Why Tenchu 3 sucks."

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Tenchu 3'.
Wed 19/03/03 at 01:32
Posts: 787
The save system.

An otherwise fun game ruined with an unwieldy save system.
The Caves - Level 3.
A game that encourages you to take your time, be stealthy and sneak about.
So you take up to 30 mins being ninja like, waiting and waiting to get a decent rating and unlock the items/get a wellard rating.

You reach the final boss.
You take him on and maybe you beat him.
If not, providing you have a "save log", you rejuvenate in the exact spot.
Then you defeat him.
Hurrah! That level done.
Whoops, not yet. Another boss appears, with 125 health.
He beats you and you do not have another log to save.

No problem I though, it'll take me back to the cut-scene before the boss appears, I'll have him this time.
What's this though?
Right back to the start of the level? But it's taken me 30 minutes to reach the end and fight 2 bosses, one after the other.
This sucks, I'm turning it off and going to bed.
I mean really, what game only gives 1, possibly 2 save chances and if you fail after all that work, takes you riiiiiight back to the start to do over again?

That sucks big balls.
I've spent ages getting to the boss, don't make me do the whole thing again.
What's that? You're going to?
Ok then, guess it's Ebay for you, shoddy stealth game ruined with tedious and frustrating save method.

Mark of Kiri for me, now *there* is a fun game.

Tenchu 3: Licks dog balls.
And dont give me that "I did it with no saves on my 1st go", because you're lying.
Ok game, ruinous save method.
Wed 19/03/03 at 12:20
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
The combat system is one of the best I've seen.

You sweep the right analogue stick around to highlight enemies and it assigns them a button on the joypad. Hit the corresponding button and he attacks that foe.
Simply block and sweep the stick, you can easily take on 4 villains at once without any faffing about or losing focus on someone.
Wed 19/03/03 at 12:13
"Orbiting Uranus"
Posts: 5,665
Oh No, now I need another game. When will it end?
Wed 19/03/03 at 12:09
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
It's bloody good fun.

Well designed levels with no ladders to fall off to immediate death, no annoying stupid instant death from traps you had no way of knowing was there.
It looks kiddy but is one of the most violent games I've played in a long time.
Superb voice work, funny.
Stealth, although not too much. A bird you can send flying about as a scout, axes, bows...

I didnt expect anything from it, then played a demo and thought it was fun.
Mate bought it and brought it over last night, and it's excellent fun.
That's the keyword here:

Wed 19/03/03 at 12:06
"Orbiting Uranus"
Posts: 5,665
Do you actually like Mark of Kri? Or were you being sarcastic? Because that is one game I really fancy playing.
Wed 19/03/03 at 12:04
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Insane Bartender wrote:
> I think the main point here is that save point should be a save
> point, and not just one extra chance to get everything right.

Bang on.

I want a save point so I do not have to rehash my previous hour's work should I die when faced for the 1st time with a Boss.
Who dies, only for him to come back and you have to kill him again. But he has increased health and you dont.
And should you die during the 2-Boss battle?
Way back to the start, only this time you dont have the save-log because you used it already.

Wed 19/03/03 at 12:01
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
I dont want quicksaves.

I want to not have to repeat 30mins to an hour of gameplay, especially when you are encouraged to take your time.
Saving every couple of minutes can ruin a game, but so does forcing a player to repeat tedious movement over and over.

The cave level is hard, this I have no problem with.
I do have a problem with spending 30 minutes to reach the end, have to kill 2 bosses with no chance to save before boss battles (a standard in gaming) and then be taken right back to the start, to have to drudge through the level I've just completed just for the opportunity to reach the boss again.

My time is precious, and I do not wish to waste almost an hour from starting a level simply to reach the boss again, only to die and be forced to replay again.

No auto-save before a boss battle?
Wed 19/03/03 at 11:59
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
I think the main point here is that save point should be a save point, and not just one extra chance to get everything right.

Most games have decent save options these days because they are quite plainly harder than older games. I shudder at the thought of doing something like Medal of Honour without save options.
Wed 19/03/03 at 11:51
"Wants Spymate on dv"
Posts: 3,025
Just because a game is more difficult because it doesn't have the usual simple 'quicksave anywhere' stuff we mostly get nowadays doesn't mean it that it sucks. Look at Operation Flashpoint or Project IGI, you could hardly save those games in mid-mission and died often causing you to restart the mission from the beginning, but they're two fantastic games. They really made you satisfied when you beat them because you knew you'd played really well and not relied on simple quicksave, attempt a section, restart from quicksave point again etc.
Wed 19/03/03 at 11:15
Posts: 11,024
...Mark of Kri?

Of all the good games coming out at the moment...Mark of Kri?
Wed 19/03/03 at 02:47
"Cigar smoker"
Posts: 7,885
At 2.40 in the morning, that's the most entertaining post so far today :)

Sorry Goaty but your obviously not upto this stealthy lark, now go and practice putting peanuts down womens cleavage using just your nose.

Bah....just been called out at 2 from work!

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