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"Mario Strikers Friends Codes"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Mario Strikers Charged Football'.
Wed 20/06/07 at 13:23
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I thought I'd start this up so it's easy to find. It also reminds me I need to write mine down, whoops!

Anyway, I'll update mine when I turn the Wii on later, anyone else want to share there's and get a Freeola game going?

My code; 494023 352774
Wed 08/08/07 at 09:48
"god of war"
Posts: 54
hey guys i saw an advert on t.v with super mario playing football and ot was online with that football player whitey any1 no wot i am on about if so can u tell me wot game that it please lol and also how do i connect wii to internet please help !!
Sun 05/08/07 at 21:54
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I found single player very boring and repetative, and such have only ever done the first cup.

Multiplayer offers a few laughs when you're bored of Wii sports :)

Argh, i need to get online :(
Sun 05/08/07 at 21:48
"Author of Pain"
Posts: 395
I've given up on this game. Six or seven times of losing to Diddy Kong in the final of the Crystal cup is more than enough for me. Why in God's name you can't save a file before you play the final so you can replay if you lose is beyond me.

I don't have the patience to do it again. It's going on eBay.
Mon 25/06/07 at 16:30
Posts: 5,659
Let me know when you want another match.
Mon 25/06/07 at 14:02
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
You well and truly beat me, I need to have more matches.

Haven't even touched the single player game yet. Perhaps I can learn a few things from playing the computer players first...
Sun 24/06/07 at 19:36
Posts: 5,659
That's twice i've got to the Crystal Cup final, 11 games to get to the final, both times i've lost in the final. ARGHHHHHHH
Sat 23/06/07 at 22:45
Posts: 5,659
Fancy a match, Ghost Killer?
Sat 23/06/07 at 22:13
Posts: 5,659
I use Yoshi, i'm used to using him, but his special is hopeless. Most people on Wi-Fi who are any good are usually Donkey Kong.
Sat 23/06/07 at 22:05
"Ghosts Can't Die!"
Posts: 774
Added you too. Diddy Kong or Mario are my usual picks for captains. The monkey's "Red Card" move is so useful :)
Sat 23/06/07 at 20:24
Posts: 5,659
I got all the way to the final of the Crystal Cup, yes, that's 12 matches, and lost in extra time. I have to start again now. I've added both of you by the way, add me back.

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