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"RiCkOsS not RiCkRoSs!"

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Sun 09/12/01 at 20:17
Posts: 787
Just to clear things up, my name is Rickoss and not RickRoss, i don't know why people think i'm called RickRoss, i'm ONE person, not two.

Thanks to everyone who calls me Rickoss ;) But everybody, shame on you, shame on you....
Mon 10/12/01 at 22:40
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
DeltaJava wrote:
> I've always just called you Rick, to avoid confusion. Some may say that's the
> easy way out, but still; at least I'm not wrong.

Simple, yet effective eh, DJ?? {:)
Mon 10/12/01 at 21:24
Posts: 23,695
I have never called you Rickross rickross. I mean Rickro ..... Rickross.

Ah dang, blast it!
Mon 10/12/01 at 13:29
Posts: 15,579
WTF...and whyTF.
Mon 10/12/01 at 13:26
Posts: 18,775
oh dear
look what i've gone and started
sorry rickross
Mon 10/12/01 at 12:39
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
Your Honour wrote:
> If you hadn't had a spaz attack with the shift key when you were typing your
> name in, it would be easier to read...

he he that mde me laugh.

Nice to see you havent lost you sense of homour YH!
Mon 10/12/01 at 11:16
Posts: 14,117
If you hadn't had a spaz attack with the shift key when you were typing your name in, it would be easier to read...
Mon 10/12/01 at 11:08
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
How about Rickosswarvee. I think it's got a latino hint about it.
Mon 10/12/01 at 10:57
Posts: 3,307
Dr nebster crippen wrote:
> I'll just call you ricky.

How about ricky the tricky (as the name seems to be tricky to spell!) bad joke sorry Rickoss.
slik ~_~
Mon 10/12/01 at 10:30
"I confused?"
Posts: 2,440
I'll just call you ricky.
Mon 10/12/01 at 10:30
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
Doughnut Monster wrote:
> your name is spelled RiCkRoSs!

That's why people are calling you RiCkRoSs!
> because that's your name.

Sorry please ingore that post.

Righto Rickoss it is then

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