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"Vengeance Preview"

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Sat 08/12/01 at 21:16
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Credit goes to

Women's Championship
Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline

Since winning the Women's Championship at Survivor Series, Trish Stratus has been on a roll. She has strung together a series of impressive victories, including wins over Lita and Stacy Keibler. She is clearly forging a path en route to becoming one of the greatest Women's Champions of all time.

But one diva she has yet to defend against thus far is Jacqueline. A two-time former Women's Champion, Jackie is known for being one of the toughest women in sports-entertainment history. She is sure to give Trish a run for her money.

To be considered one of the greats in the Women's division, Trish needs to pull out this win at Vengeance. Can she do it? Find out this Sunday!

Intercontinental Championship
Edge vs. William Regal

Edge has been Mr. Pay-Per-View in the World Wrestling Federation in 2001. In the first 11 Pay-Per-Views of the year, the young Canadian has captured the Intercontinental Championship on three occasions, won the Tag Team Championship once, and even captured the title of King of the Ring.

But William Regal is no slouch either. And since he kissed Mr. McMahon's a(s to regain his spot in the World Wrestling Federation, the former commissioner has been on a roll, holding impressive victories over Big Show and Bradshaw.

We know that Regal kisses a mean a(s. But does he have what it takes to be Intercontinental Champion? Find out at Vengeance!

Special referee: Lita
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

Together, Matt and Jeff Hardy comprised arguably the greatest tag team in the history of sports entertainment. The Hardy Boyz were multi-time World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, and also former WCW Tag Team Champions. The duo also competed in a number of memorable TLC Matches, Table Matches and Ladder Matches.

But just as Cain and Abel before them, these brothers have been torn apart. Is it jealousy? Frustration? Anger? That's what fans are saying about Matt's attitude in recent weeks. Many Federation fans point to Matt's attitude as the reason for the team's split. The elder Hardy seems to be increasingly vocal about his brother's high-flying, daredevil tactics in recent weeks, something which hasn't sat well with either Jeff or Lita.

And speaking of Lita, where does she stand in the matter? Sure, she's Matt's girlfriend, but she and Jeff also go way back. Plus, given the problems between Matt and Lita as of late, can she truly be behind him 100 percent? Where will Lita's allegiance lie come Vengeance?

In the grand tradition of Undertaker vs. Kane and Edge vs. Christian, it will be brother vs. brother at Vengeance! It doesn't get more personal than this!

Tag Team Championship
Big Show & Kane vs. Dudley Boyz

For most of 2001, Big Show has been playing "Musical Partners." Already this year, the 7-footer has formed tag teams with Billy Gunn, Tajiri and Spike Dudley. But now the Show seems to have found a partner as big and bad as he is -- Kane!

The Dudley Boyz thought they had it all figured out after Survivor Series. After all, when a team makes as much history as the Dudleys have made, it's easy to sit back and enjoy life. But now they're faced with the prospects of facing two 7-foot monsters at Vengeance, with the titles on the line!

Big Show and Kane seemed to be on the same page when both were part of Team WWF at Survivor Series. Yes, the Dudley Boyz are undeniably the greatest tag team of all time, but if Show and Kane are on the same page at Vengeance, will anyone be able to stop them?

Undertaker vs. Rob Van Dam

World Championship
The Rock vs. Chris Jericho

The rivalry between The Rock and Chris Jericho has electrified World Wrestling Federation fans for months, highlighted by their Match of the Year candidate at No Mercy. Y2J is looking to make a name for himself at The Rock's expense, while Rock is again looking to make history. One of these men will go on to battle for the Undisputed World Championship!

World Wrestling Federation Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle

These two men are certainly no stranger to each other, having battled at SummerSlam, Unforgiven and No Mercy. But this time, the stakes are higher than ever, with the winner going on to possibly become the first-ever Undisputed World Champion!

Undisputed World Championship

For the first time in sports-entertainment history, an undisputed World Champion will be crowned, as the World Wrestling Federation Champion and the World Champion meet head-to-head at Vengeance! This is a night that sports-entertainment fans have dreamed about for years -- and it will all go down on Dec. 9!

Prior to the unification match, however, there will be two other matches -- one for the World Wrestling Federation Championship, and one for the World Championship. The winners of those matches will then compete for a second time for the Undisputed World Championship!

Sun 09/12/01 at 18:35
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Starlight wrote:
> Firebolt is Shaneo

I have my sources

They usually come from the Ladybird
> book of sources.


Haha! LOL!
Sun 09/12/01 at 17:38
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now with me it's like there's a egnore button and every one used it on me!!!!.......or maybe that's because I always talk aload of rubish!
Sun 09/12/01 at 17:34
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What's happening with the hardyz?
Sun 09/12/01 at 16:54
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who's derwin?
Sun 09/12/01 at 16:43
"I'm not Orgazmo"
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Firebolt is Shaneo

I have my sources

They usually come from the Ladybird book of sources.

Sun 09/12/01 at 16:38
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I didn't think FB was Shaneo
Sun 09/12/01 at 16:34
"( . ) ( . )"
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Just got an E-Mail from Big Red Machine, saying that everyone said I was firebalt. I went on MSN messenger and we sorted it all out.
Sun 09/12/01 at 16:32
"( . ) ( . )"
Posts: 3,279
Sun 09/12/01 at 15:56
Posts: 1,550
Sun 09/12/01 at 11:08
"Back in black"
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Ice Blaster wrote:
> Now what was the point in that Shaneo? Boosting your word count?

LOL, sorry firebalt, I was talking to shaneo whilst reading ands replying to this and got muddled up: my mistake.

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