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"runescape - helping people no scamers allowed"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'RuneScape'.
Thu 14/06/07 at 16:54
"god of war"
Posts: 54
hi come and talk about runescape if u need instant money and items i can do it ok just ask me ok all runescape players welcome and if you want to add me in runescape my username is dudeboy2k6
Tue 06/07/10 at 01:45
Posts: 1
I do really need instant money and items; I'm so poor. But I don't see how you can help me. Thanks for the offer.

There are no code cheats for RuneScape. Zero. Good luck with that...
Fri 08/01/10 at 22:04
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Actually, i will admit i used to be a scammer, and i made ALOT of cash of doing it. Years ago (way way way way before the whole trade limit thingy) i used to stock up on iron axes and rune axes. Simply put a Rune axe in, other person puts 8k in (10 k was the average price of a rune axe then). Timing was essential to trade an iron axe for the rune axe. Also using bank notes, not the items helped. AND there was no secondary screen, soon as you clicked accept you were done for. Although i eventually got scammed for all the money i'd stolen, so i learnt my lesson ;)
Fri 08/01/10 at 20:49
Posts: 28
i kill pple wrote:
> If any one wnats to know a fast way to make money pleae ask i
> know several ways to make money including air running and wood
> cutting.
There are no cheats in Runescape! There are NO fast moneymaker cheats! :( :( :( :(
Thu 03/09/09 at 13:41
Posts: 2
If any one wnats to know a fast way to make money pleae ask i know several ways to make money including air running and wood cutting.
Wed 02/09/09 at 13:41
Posts: 2
hey my runescape name is "i kill pple" and i was just hacked and lost everything including 200m and all my friends so if you have any way to help me please add me on runescape and offer some good information thank you and good bye.
Tue 01/09/09 at 13:53
Posts: 3
if any one wants to help me add me on runescape my name on it is of curs sgt steel10.
Tue 01/09/09 at 13:50
Posts: 3
i like fire macking so that why i need 5m
Tue 01/09/09 at 13:47
Posts: 3
hi in need 5mill fast got any tips? because i need 5mill 4m for arma and 1m for logs.
Wed 16/07/08 at 18:24
Posts: 18
u can tell i like runescape by my nick name, i might add u, but u cant trade stuff over 3k
Mon 31/03/08 at 18:09
Posts: 2
i trust you 0%

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