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"Websites on servers: 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 7/ 9 have ALL vanished !!!"

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Tue 05/06/07 at 11:55
"1 up on the DEVIL"
Posts: 94
Have just noticed that Websites on server 6 have vanished !!!

nothing on status page about this !!!.

Any news Freeola ???


Have now raised it on support ticket reference: 135579

EDIT - misspelled NEWS !! / EDIT 2: Noticed all servers down except 1
Sat 09/06/07 at 22:18
Staff Moderator
"Aargh! Broken..."
Posts: 1,408
Apologies for the confusion. I'll try and clear this up.
The use of our web space is free of charge, however to prevent abuse of this service (such as using it as a online backup) we reserve the right to remove any files that aren't web viewable. These are files that do not reside within the htdocs folder in your web space. The terms for Freeola's Free Services say
'You are not permitted to use Free Unlimited Web Space as an offsite backup facility. Therefore, all files
uploaded to Your web space should be visible and accessible to the outside world (or web-visible). We
reserve the right to delete files or directories that are not web-visible without giving notice to You. This
clause is not designed to prevent You from operating a password protected web site.'
This is taken from the PDF file at
Unfortunately when a server starts getting low on disk space we often find it is users who have ignored these terms that are using up most of the disk space.

Hope that makes things a bit more clear!
Sat 09/06/07 at 17:23
"We are not alone..."
Posts: 35
Hi McLong, My comments were made as a result of Eccles saying on 05/06/2007 at 6:51:16PM

"Unfortunately the server you are using has run out of disk space but we can look at the disk usage for you to check and remove any data that doesn't comply with our term,"

By this I was under the impression that some data may not 'comply with your terms', my point has been to clear up what was meant by that statement.

PS. I'm a fully Paid up Freeola broadband customer, not just using the Freeola free services. I've also been using the Freeola services for some 6 years now. I have faith in Freeola reliability and stability, this is the first time I've had call for concern in all that time.
Fri 08/06/07 at 18:56
Posts: 791
Hi Puniksem,

I'm not too sure you are fully understanding what Eccles has been saying.

Yes, you do have unlimited web space, meaning you can upload as many files as you wish provided you comply with our terms and conditions (the Terms you need are here, within the 'Free Unlimited Web Space' section on the first page.)

Unfortunately the server your web site is hosted on had run out of hard disk space, and as there is no such thing as an unlimited hard disk we had to create more space by removing some other files.

The fact that you weren't able to upload a file was due to there being no room on the server your site is hosted on, rather than us limiting your web space. We apologise for you experiencing these problems, it's a rare case and as stated by ncrs here, this shouldn't happen again after the hardware has been upgraded in the near future.
Fri 08/06/07 at 18:19
"We are not alone..."
Posts: 35
I'm sorry Eccles, I have not found anything to-date that indicates or explains server usage regarding file upload allowances, again all I can find is:

"Don't worry about the megabytes - with our free web hosting, Freeola gives you as much space as you need to create an amazing content-rich website."

I have read my way through the .pdf documents you referred to and still have failed to find any usage guidelines.

I will Call the Sales & Support on monday morning to see if they can shed some light on this.

There is a world of difference between "Unlimited" & "Limited" usage. I'm simply asking for those differences to be defined.
Wed 06/06/07 at 19:14
Staff Moderator
"Aargh! Broken..."
Posts: 1,408
Terms & conditions
Links to these are given in your MyFreeola account at the bottom of the left hand menu and on the same page you looked at in the right hand column and at various points throughout our sites.
Wed 06/06/07 at 18:58
"We are not alone..."
Posts: 35
My photo album has now been upgraded to a more advanced version, and now works fine, gladly my site is back to 100% functionality.

Please can you provide a link here to the terms and conditions you speak of. all I can find doesn't seem to address this matter at all.

The .PDF file offerd as your terms and cnditions doesn't mention anything about what files are acceptable.

All I can find is this:

"With Freeola's unlimited & unbeatable web space package, you'll have the freedom to upload files and photos and build a web site of absolutely any size. So creating a personal web site or homepage, or a content-rich and interactive web site without any worries has never been easier."

Which I found on the 'Webspace' page.
Tue 05/06/07 at 23:03
Staff Moderator
"Aargh! Broken..."
Posts: 1,408
I have already answered that below. Yes we offer unlimited web space, provided the use of the space complies with our terms and conditions and yes server 7 has run out of disk space. We are addressing this by upgrading the server so that more disk space can be added. Unfortunately the disk space usage on some servers caught up with us before all the new ones were in place.

As for your gallery, were you getting any error messages? If so what were they?
Tue 05/06/07 at 21:22
"We are not alone..."
Posts: 35
I appear to be on server #7. I did read your reply on the other thread. I can sometimes upload files, however my point is this. I have already pruned 300+Mb of files not required and still suffered the same error. I cannot afford to remove any more files.

I appreciate that work if being undertaken to resolve these issues, however I am now suffering another problem, which I hope is only a short term issue, I use a php photo gallery which seems to have stopped working since this mornings server downtime, it seems to be the only aspect of my site that is disfunctional without reason.

I think i'll just change the gallery for another, meanwhile back at the bat cave!

PS. Please answer me this, Why is freeola's main selling point 'unlimited web space' when you're having to delete files to make more space?

freeola Quoted:
free web hosting at your domain
unlimited webspace, email & loads more..

Unlimited free web hosting and services are available to all Freeola customers. Our hosting package allows you to upload unlimited files to your web space.....

Tue 05/06/07 at 18:51
Staff Moderator
"Aargh! Broken..."
Posts: 1,408
Please see the reply to your post in the other thread here.
We are in the process of upgrading all the customer web servers as outlined on our status page and space is one of the many reasons why we are doing this, older servers have lower disk space limits and although we offer unlimited disk space, there is no such thing as unlimited hard disk capacity so we have to upgrade the equipment to cope with larger disks that are now available. Unfortunately the server you are using has run out of disk space but we can look at the disk usage for you to check and remove any data that doesn't comply with our term, this quite often frees up a lot of space. If you could let me know the server number you are using then I can look into this for you.
Tue 05/06/07 at 17:59
"We are not alone..."
Posts: 35
All day I have not been able to access either of my sites, and now I can, but and a big but! when is the 'no space on device' error going to get sorted, as I have been unable to upload even the smallest of files without receiving this error every time.

COMMAND:> STOR *******.mp3
STATUS:> Connecting FTP data socket ************...
150 Accepted data connection
ERROR:> Can't write to data socket. Socket error = #10053.
450-Error during write to file: No space left on device
450 *******.mp3 partially uploaded
ERROR:> File error.

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