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"Dont you just LOVE Perfect Dark?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Perfect Dark'.
Tue 08/04/03 at 17:59
Posts: 787
Dont you all just love playing Perfect Dark. I know I do. That game is truly fantastic and it cuts me up to think that we will never again see such beauty from Rare on a Nintendo console.

Go Jo!
Tue 15/04/03 at 07:25
"Conker the King"
Posts: 247
Good guess but no its not! Why do you ask? Is there another Ninty fan as loyal as me out there then called Andrew Crossland?
Mon 14/04/03 at 22:16
Posts: 4,279
N64 4 EVA - Would your name be Andrew Crossland by any chance???
Sun 13/04/03 at 15:33
"Conker the King"
Posts: 247
The other reason I love Perfect dark is the music. This game has some fantastic 'tunes' and even by todays standards you'd be hard pushed to find better music in a game. I bought the soundtrack via Nintendo in America this time last year for $12, although they wouldnt post direct to the UK, I had to get it to me via a friend in the States. A couple of weeks ago I saw the soundtrack on E-Bay for $100 (Buy It Now)! I said it was good but it's not THAT good! No-one actually bought it for that price but mine sits proud in my CD collection!
Sun 13/04/03 at 00:51
Posts: 18,185
I prefered Perfect Dark over goldeneye so much. As long as PD is similar in style to its predecessor and Conker is too then I'll be getting them on a nice new X-box.
Sat 12/04/03 at 16:15
Posts: 11,038
Robofish, how do you get him in TS2?
Sat 12/04/03 at 15:50
"poo poo for you!"
Posts: 2,161
Sat 12/04/03 at 13:49
Posts: 11,038
I like TS and TS2 as they are both too fast and furious that you need a lot of hours to play it...
Sat 12/04/03 at 09:04
"Conker the King"
Posts: 247
Miserableman wrote:
> I always thought that GoldenEye was a pretty poor game, so I never
> bothered with Perfect Dark

How the hell can you say GOLDENEYE was 'pretty poor'? It was a genius game! It was superb! It was (and I should say still is) excellent, even by todays standards! And as for not getting PERFECT DARK, well you missed out there matey!
Fri 11/04/03 at 15:07
Posts: 16,558
They are quite different to each other games like Timesplitters 2 are faster than most pc shoot em ups like counter strike, tactical ops, rainbow six.
Fri 11/04/03 at 14:33
"I'm not Orgazmo"
Posts: 9,159
Goldeneye is king.

Although Half Life on the PC was great, loads better than the console conversions, Rainbow Six too but still they're no Goldenete beater in my eyes.

Anyway Rollercoaster Tycoon is king of all PC games.

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